Founding franchisees of Ewemove put their business up for sale

One of the 14 original EweMove franchisees has put their agency in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, up for sale eight years after setting up the business.

Bill and Geraldine Miller

Bill and Geraldine Miller have run the company in Gainsborough since joining the hybrid agency in March 2013.

Bill Miller said: “We went to a presentation back in December 2012 where the original EweMove founders, Glenn [Ackroyd] and David [Laycock], shared their vision for the brand.

“I had a background in property and was intent on going there and not being sold to.

“We turned up, bagged front row seats, and I then folded my arms as if to say, ‘go on then impress me’.

“Within ten minutes of listening to the plans they had for doing estate agency differently, I was sitting on the edge of my seat keen to get cracking.

“I was impressed with the clarity of the plans.

“Fast forward eight years and we’ve enjoyed a lot of success and had some very enjoyable times. It’s been great to be in at the start of something which has grown into a successful national agency.”

The couple have decided to look for an associate to come in, work with them for a few months and then buy the business.

“It’s an excellent business backed by a PLC and a great support team at EweMove,” Miller added. “My advice to anyone joining is simple. Follow the plan because it works if you do.”

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  1. smile please

    With a whopping 14 properties for sale, let’s hope they are not banking on a high asking price to boost retirement pot.

    Is it worth anything?

    1. smile please

      No office, no staff and I could be wrong but no lettings book by the looks.
      Best they can hope for is a neighbouring franchise to take it over
      Niche market to sell to and as we know smaller the pool lower the figure they will receive. 

    2. smile please

      I might actually revise my figures, looks like just half a dozen properties for sale. 

  2. Agenteye2020

    It’s a glorified BM role. The only winners seem to be the plc with their monthly fixed licence fees and high royalties on top. It’s a **** model for suckers

  3. Hillofwad71

    Good to hear that one of the original Ewemove franchisees is  going to be  be in a position to  bring someone in and hopefully ” sell” their franchise  to them and retire  as envisaged in the original franchise recruitment campaigns .
    Ewemove Gainsborough/Scunthorpe
    With a current sales inventory of  12 (5 U/0  or SSTC) acc to Zoopla mainly new build and the latest accounts at Companies  House showing a small loss for last year .
    An  opportunity for someone to arrive oven ready but very difficult to see the franchise able  to achieve anywhere closee to the  sort of figures bandied around when the Millers first joined .
    Too few stories of those amongst the 50+ who have departed able to sell and  leave  the flock  gracefully .
    The original recruitment drive  
    “Our aim is to give you the confidence to grow a million £1 business”
    “Make money whatever the market” “By year 5 your business could be worth well over £500k ”
      During 2014/.2015 with Nick  Neil , Bill Miller as one of the  original franchisees appeared in Ewemove’s  Case Studies as part of  their franchise  drive .The pin up sheep
    Unfortunately Bill is one of the lucky ones, one of the black sheep  of those 16 franchise case studies  only a staggering 4 remain today . Just one of those leaving   Bob Brown  of Sheffield  transferring in house to Whitegates .
    Andy Wilde -Sutton Coldfield
    Anna Pierce Northampton
    Davina Aguyema  Croydon East
    Georgia Day Colchester West
    Iain Large Chelmsford
    Karen Treweerk Vale of Glamorgan
    Mike Pollard -Cambridge
    Mikeand Becky Lancaster
    Peter Salt -Stratford  Upon Avon
    Simon Wraw Poole
    The dream of creating a million £ business shattered for those,  the harsh reality far from  selling their franchise business for £500k + the companies wound up and some of those left with  heavy and life changing  debts  

    1. smile please

      Made a loss …. Can they give it away?

  4. WatchingwithInterest

    Be cheaper to buy a new franchise!

    don’t understand how anyone pays money for an estate agency as the register is worthless unless has a lettings book.

    1. smile please

      Any idea how much they are asking?

      1. Hillofwad71

        How much

        I wouldn’t like to guess !


        The Ewemove franchisees running the branches in Crewe & ,Sandbach  ,Cheshire are now retrenched back at Martins and Whitegates

  5. Woodentop

    I’m sure they put their heart and soul into their venture but as many have found in recent years, the going got tough and Covid-19 had a sting for the industry. If you only have 5 properties sales in the pipeline (something like 1 sale a month) and 5 in stock you are not making any money.

  6. Mark Meyer

    It’s a great model done right and there’s no doubt that David and Glen hit an interesting space in the market when they opened Ewemove but not everyone can generate the outcomes and keep up the energy needed for a thriving agency but at least they own what they have and are not simply being fired for poor performance as they may in an employed world.
    Even if what they own is small- it’s theirs which I like. They have the choice to leave or grow etc etc.   With this model you don’t necessarily need a big register to make good money- yet for sure 6 houses for sale which has been mentioned is cutting it fine. Good luck to them.    

    1. AlwaysAnAgent

      Mark, I suggest you read HillofWad’s comments above. It’s breathtaking and it reads like a horror story.

      Presumably you ignore the horror stories for the purposes of your own self-interest.

      1. Mark Meyer

        Thanks for your comment AlwaysAnAgent- i have read HillofWad’s comment.
        I suppose thats what happens if Glen and David from Ewemove felt it best to invest their time recruiting non agency franchisees as non agency people. It was sort of an enevitable outcome don’t you think?
        I believe they were aloways in it for the hefty exit in three years and so that was their main agenda.
        The question is- is it a problem with the model or a problem with their situation in particular?
        Rather than my own self interest in particular, which i cannot deny we have several thriving hybrid franchisees. This model can work extremely well if caring, high performance, experienced agents are behind it rather than ex bankers.
        I stick to my point – its a great model done right for the community, the agent, their family, the client.
        Yes.. done wrong… not great at all….  


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