Flatmates win court battle to get deposit deductions reversed

A group of student tenants have successfully sued their landlord for deducting money from their rental deposit.

The six flatmates received a letter from Digs letting agency in Bristol informing them a total of £756 would be deducted from the deposit, including £200 for a full repaint of the house and over £500 for cleaning costs.

Ed Straw, one of the students involved, provided photographic evidence that the flat was left in a cleaner state than it had been at the start of their tenancy.

After visiting the flat’s current tenants, he also found that the property had only been partially painted in order to cover a patch of mould.

The group also questioned further charges for rubbish removal, the costs of which had been aggregated across 732 of the university’s students, and mattress covers, for which Digs were apparently unable to provide receipts.

Straw submitted his evidence to court and Digs, acting on behalf of landlord company AvonCo (Bristol) Limited, were ordered to repay the charges in full, plus interest and legal costs.

Steven Harris, managing director of Digs, said: “We’re extremely disappointed that the deductions charged to Ed Straw and his fellow tenants led to him taking the landlord to court, and in all instances we work towards a more amicable solution.

“Whilst the court system is there to be used, Digs hope that their tenants do not feel the need to go down this route. Having managed 8,000 tenancies in total it is the first time this has happened and we firmly believe it will be the last.”



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  1. Beano

    And you sir are the reason we are ALL now shackled with paperwork and red tape.

    1. HornyToad63

      Not necessarily a bad thing…

  2. 1stTimeBuyer

    Good on them. That’s disgusting conning students off like that.


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