Firms leading the fight against Rightmove sign to free portal

Two of the leading firms involved in campaigning against Rightmove have signed up to the free-to-list portal, OneDome.

They are Dreamview Estates (in April, Dreamview’s head, Murray Lee, pledged his 300 member pressure group to the support of the Say No to Rightmove campaign), and At Homes Estate and Letting Agency (Paul Davies is the leader of Boycott Rightmove Facebook group).

One Dome, which says it has 2,000 branches actually signed up to list, says it has also secured commitment from some well known firms including, Andrews Online, Arun Estates , Martyn Gerrard, Robinson Michael & Jackson, and Winkworth.

The portal claims that it is generated 170,000 leads in June from 1.5m unique visitors to its websites, which include Nethouseprices.

“We are delighted of working with some of the best agents in the country and continue fulfilling our promise to agents of driving portal costs down while generating a significant volume of leads.

Babek Ismayil, Founder and CEO of OneDome said:

“We are humbled by the positive response we have seen from the industry.

“Our goal for the next few months is to equip our agents, who support our business, with free benefits and the best technology tools to help them win more business and stand out from the competition.

“We will achieve this by launching new and exciting products for our agents as well as by partnering with innovative proptech firms, like Sprift, and integrating their products to OneDome Pro, our platform for professionals. More free benefits to come shortly.

 “The growth in traffic is down to a combination of factors. We are constantly increasing our marketing budget, while the recent stamp duty holiday announcement has provided a boost for consumers”

Agents using OneDome Pro have been given six months of free access to Sprift’s range of benefits, including branded market appraisal reports and data on every single property in the UK.

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  1. smile please

    I think its safe to say the protest groups have now run their course.


    After receiving an email yesterday from Murray saying they have been working behind the scenes and watch out for news in the coming days ….. this is all a bit lame.


    One dome are just as bad, they will take your spin offs such as mortgages and give you a small slice of the pie.

    1. AlwaysAnAgent

      I came to the same conclusion.

      OneDome has a couple of their own mortgage advisers who farm incoming leads and pass commission back to the agent. I wouldn’t want a portal interfering with my clients in that way.

      It’s highly geared towards referral fees for add-ons which isn’t surprising if listing fees are free or very low. Nothing in life is free.

      1. Babek Ismayil

        Dear smile please and AlwaysAnAgent, 
        I am pleased that you made these comments as it requires clarification. You are right we are promoting mortgages to customers like all other portals (Rightmove, Zoopla, OTM and others). 
        There are two FUNDAMENTAL differences: 
        1. An agent makes money from mortgages when they work with us v other portals keep all that revenue. 
        2. We don’t charge you for listings v you pay for the privilege with other portals.
        Let me go in detail: 
        How does an agent make money from mortgages? 
        1. An agent could act like an introducer to our platform (if you don’t have your own mortgage firm or a broker) and we will pay you 25% of the case value as standard which is in line with the market rate. 
        2. An agent could introduce his/her own mortgage broker to our platform and we will channel mortgage leads to that firm. So you and your broker could keep the case value (and split it how you wish!). We will charge your broker a small fee per converted lead in line with the cost of leads from other digital channels like Google PPC etc. 
        When it comes to conveyancing, we don’t actually charge a referral fee to conveyancers. So agents are free to work with conveyancers on our platform or invite their own and agree their own referral fee. We make money from sales of products required to conduct the conveyancing on any property. 
        In order to make the process of cross lead generation between an agent, conveyancer and MB even more efficient, we are launching a new product  in August where you will be able to manage all of that relationship yourself online- see how many leads been generated, how much £ you have made etc. If you send me a DM via LinkedIn, I could inform you when the product is ready. 
        All transactions that an agent does via OneDome, his/her buyers are insured against a financial loss due to a failed transaction (up to £2,250). Kind regards, Babek

        1. Property Pundit

          Dealing with a portal should not be so complicated and agents don’t have the time for this unnecessary admin. Just advertise the property as far and as wide as possible in return for a fair fee (which covers your running costs and a reasonable profit). End of.

  2. James White

    It all fizzled when the market was released from lockdown didn’t it……..?

    Everyone has been busier than expected.

    Rightmove has kept silent apart from offering another discount, so the controversy has gone away.  For now at least…….

  3. MarkJ

    Controversy may be back next week as Rightmove’s 6 months figures are released on Friday 7th August I believe….
    Agreed everyones gone back to their day job but with the 75% off RM ending and agents having to contribute more for their August bill next week will be an interesting RM press release.  

    1. BrianPalmer

      Think you’re right MarkJ. And presumably, whatever poor figures RM report to their shareholders and the wider world will simply be blamed on Covid (as opposed to the real reason, that being extremely high levels of dissatisfaction amongst their customer base)


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