Rightmove chief exec cashes in more than £2m of shares

Peter Brooks-Johnson

In a statement to the markets this morning, Rightmove has confirmed that its chief executive, Peter Brooks-Johnson, has sold a substantial tranche of his shareholding, netting well over £2m.

Rightmove plc confirms that Peter Brooks-Johnson, chief executive, exercised options, largely due to expire in March 2022, and sold 306,617 shares on 10 November 2021.  The shares were sold at an average price of £6.98 per share, from which relevant taxes were deducted.

Following these transactions, Brooks-Johnson has a beneficial shareholding of 2,017,302 shares, which at the value of £6.98 per share would be worth more than £14m.


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  1. Bosky


    1. AcornsRNuts

      Exactly. The options run out in four months, so who wouldn’t sell? Nothing to see here, move along!

  2. nickthehousewales

    No wonder he’s smiling. I contributed to the pot!! Grrrrrr!!

  3. JEL

    Fair enough really, he really has put a shift in getting all those invoices in envelopes….

    1. nickthehousewales

      I to think you and I would have enveloped for half that….ha ha!!

  4. AcornsRNuts

    You have the answer. Leave Rightmove! Many talk about it and a few do and find that they don’t just survive, they thrive.

    1. nickthehousewales

      True enough my friend and we are!!

  5. MarkJ

    I can see him with now with Del Boys sheepskin coat on ….rubbing his hands …… “Lovely jubbly!”  
    Cushty my son…

    1. nickthehousewales

      Love it MarkJ

  6. The Outsider

    Very well deserved.  He’s done wonders for the share price.

  7. Robert_May

    What someone gets paid, what they do with their money , their shares should not be of interest to anyone. If his employers  pay and reward  Mr. Brooks-Johnson  well it’s because he’s doing, has done, a good job.


    Rightmove have found a way to tax most estate agents every month, they have figured out the words and strategies to convince intelligent, rational, business people to pay too much for a service they don’t actually need to sell property. Over half the agents who list with Rightmove have  little or no available stock so if Mr. Brooks- Johnson can keep getting money out of agents for no logical reason he should be  admired, respected and rewarded well. that is his job and no one can deny he is doing it well.




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