EYE NEWSFLASH: Purplebricks appoints ex-Romans MD as Chief Sales Officer

Vince Courtney

Purplebricks has appointed well-known industry figure Vince Courtney as chief sales officer in a new bid to revive its fortunes.

Courtney was managing director of sales at Romans for 21 years. He left the firm in March 2018, as part of a major shake-up, following the merger with Leaders in 2016 that led to the creation of Leaders Romans Group, backed by venture capitalist Bowmark Capital.

He joined Haslams in Reading as sales director in September 2018, before leaving to join Andrew Property Group in February 2021 as sales director – a role he held until he quit this month.

No statement has been issued by Purplebricks but Courtney’s LinkedIn profile has been changed this week, confirming his new position with the struggling online estate agency.

Purplebricks created the role of chief sales officer in March last year, when Chris Beckwith, previously of Dexters, Currell (part of Savills Group) and Foxtons, was hired.

Beckwith lasted less than six weeks in the position, before joining Connells Group.

EYE understands that Courtney has joined this week with a remit covering all aspects of Purplebricks’ sales: he will be charged with overseeing the sales journey for customers, to help the business expand its market share, and will be supported by a team of divisional sales directors who together run the sales operation.

With his in-depth industry knowledge and expertise, could Courtney’s appointment be the start of Purplebricks CEO Helena Marston’s big “turnaround plan” for the brand?

EYE has contacted Purplebricks for comment.



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  1. IheartRE

    I know nothing about Vince, but, to take on that role… I hope he’s got a magic wand!

    1. Mrlondon52

      good point. PB soon won’t have any price leadership, it doesn’t have local knowledge leadership, it only has a ‘well known brand’ which just isn’t enough. The problems are bigger than who is in the senior leadership team.

  2. Whaley

    Vince is one of the finest operators I know, and proud to call him a mate. Best of luck Vince

  3. forwardthinker

    Anyone that loves a challenge would relish this opportunity.

    Question is…Is it too late? The book is still open

  4. OneManBand

    I’ll give it 6 weeks before he leaves ‘for personal reasons’

    1. jan-byers

      So what he will be very well paid

      1. Emerypiper

        At the expense of those poor sellers who are incentivised into paying upfront…
        It’s obvious that you’re PB related, your opinion is completely irrelevant.

        1. jan-byers

          I am a new homes developer

          EA is a low paid low skilled job

          Have never worked for PB

          Would never ever use PB

          The fact is he will get well paid

          No one makes anyone pay up front

          It is called personal choice

          So it is your opinion that is irrelevant (and childish and petulant)



          1. AgentBen

            I disagree with a lot that Jan puts on this site, but she is spot on here. I do not know him but it does not seem like any managerial changes in PB are going to right the ship, this has to be a get well paid for the short term route that Vince is taking….and why not.

            1. jan-byers

              Exactly Ben,

              On his CV it will not matter as everyone knows PB is a lost cause.

              From his point of view it will be a very interesting experience and running a sinking ship will stand him in good stead for the future.

          2. IheartRE

            Jan, you’re quite the arrogant ***. A lot of developers are like that.

  5. Howard Star

    Gravy train choo choo

  6. Robert_May

    For all the reasons that existed in 2014  Purplebricks is now a square rigger sailing  perilously close to a lee shore with the barometer falling fast; Mr. Courtney  either has to  tack and sail for clear water ( do something  fundamentally different) or he’ll be in charge when the ship  flounders or eventually founders.

    As the  Prudential, General Accident, Halifax, Woolwich, Black Horse et all have all found out in the past 30+ years #local agency is a hard nut to crack. It is very difficult to compete with the #local agents who dominate each of the activity centres they cover.

    I wish him well but cannot see him being allowed to make the changes necessary to change the outcome.



    3 jobs in 5 years-soon to be 4

  8. jeremy1960

    Something not quite right on his CV, according to Companies House he was appointed director at Andrews in July 2021 and resigned in July 2022 yet his PR states left this month?
    PB is a failing concept, unless he opens High Street branches I cannot see any success moving forward?

  9. Tyggy

    Having worked with Vince, if anyone can turn it around he can!

  10. MrEstateAgent

    Regardless of what you think of PB, this is a good appointment.  At long last employing people with property knowledge in the right position.  If it will help or not that is another matter.

  11. Bryan Mansell

    Vince is a good operator good luck to him

  12. vype200871

    Having worked in the same company as Vince when he was at Romans he is a very good leader and very experienced agent so it will be interesting to see what he can do with this fast sinking ship.   Good luck Vince.


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