EYE NEWSFLASH: David Cox has left ARLA Propertymark

ARLA Propertymark has confirmed that David Cox has left the organisation.

An extraordinarily short announcement late this afternoon said:

“David Cox, currently the Chief Executive of ARLA Propertymark is leaving the organisation today.  The Board of Propertymark would like to thank David for his significant contribution in his time to the development of ARLA Propertymark, and wish him well in his future endeavours.”

This confirms the story that EYE broke on July 15th – Cox having been denied the opportunity to stand as head of a combined ARLA/NAEA entity.

With NAEA head, Mark Hayward, retiring at the end of this year, the future leadership of the organisation will be the subject of considerable speculation.

The reason for Cox being prevented by the Board from applying for the leadership role has not yet been made public.

From the outside, given his considerable experience of successfully heading up ARLA, there appears no logical reason why he should not have been considered suitable.


EYE NEWSFLASH! Speculation that David Cox is to leave ARLA Propertymark imminently


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  1. Mrlondon52

    WTF is going on there? Can someone explain?

    Personally I liked David and thought he brought some energy to the job.

    1. debbiedoesalot

      WTF is going on there indeed.

  2. K_Rupp

    Am so sorry to hear David has left Propertymark. Would like to thank him for everything he has done for our industry. His successor has big shoes to fill!

  3. new life

    A sad loss to the organization , very aproachable and knowledgeable guy they will be a lot weaker for his going ,I have been chased for my current renewal and have been watching this story closly, and to be fair and their probably not bothered but my decision is not to renew.

    1. debbiedoesalot

      We’re thinking the same thing. We all need to write to Christopher Hamer to complain/tell him why we aren’t renewing, I have already sent him an email. Unless they can come up with a VERY plausible reason for letting David go, we are off too. Aside from his vast knowledge, enthusiasm and drive, David brought a friendly face to an organisation that was previously stiff and starchy and somewhat of an old boys club. For their own sake, I hope they are not intending on putting in a ‘jobs for the boys’ replacement. Times have changed and David has attracted a lot of new, younger blood that simply won’t tolerate it.

    2. BillyTheFish

      We did exactly that a few weeks ago, the only reason you have for staying at ARLA is the legal helpline and the threat of RoPa (that MARLA will ‘possibly’ get you a bye for the 1st & 2nd modules of the 4 part course).

      CMP – legal requirement

      Complaints procedure – Ombudsman

      Financial redress – Ombudsman

      Annual audit – separate accounts are an Ombudsman requirement

      TDS membership? We changed from insured to custodial which will save us time in the long run the lost interest is less than the monthly fee saved.

      RoPa, if it ever happens, will make ARLA even more obsolete. We just looked at the fairly poor standard of regional meetings, the annual fee, the annual audit cost, how silent they were with the fee ban when we really needed them and what we actually get from membership…

      1. debbiedoesalot

        I have never been impressed with the ARLA helpline. You could call them multiple times with the same question and get a different answer each time. We have Rent Smart Wales in, well Wales, so I don’t think Ropa will apply to us. Even more reason to leave.

  4. Whaley

    Always had a lot of time for David. Really thought he’d be there for years.

    Wish him well in whatever he does next.

  5. SoldPal90

    Sounds like a popular fella.
    Reminds me of the Dr. Fauci interview and Trumps attempts to discredit him.
    What do you think the problem was in terms of working with Trump that ultimately saw you sidelined ?
    ” I broke the golden rule” replied Fauci – “I became more popular than the Boss

  6. JamesB

    Clearly well liked in these comments but the sector needs someone to stand up to government, hopefully the replacement may be that person, be more vocal for the industry, agents and landlords have become hated groups in the U.K. thanks to the government chasing the tenant vote .. and these organisations seem to be in their pocket and just pander to them for whatever reason that may be ..

    1. kent_daniel1

      Very well said, we do not have an organisation that speaks out for agents. We all know too well how much harder and harder doing our basic jobs has become and goverment keep piling legisatlation as tho we are the banking industry! 

  7. kent_daniel1

    To be honest it is sometime this organisation has lost its purpose. Whilst it is good to support legislation in the industry to kick out rouge traders they have done little to support agents in what is becoming a very difficult climate to survive. We left sometime ago an never looked to rejoin and they did little to stand up against ridiculous legislation after legislation on agents. Arms chair ex agents!

  8. smile please

    Propertymark have sensed that they are in pole position when regulation comes. in. They will be looking to appointment somebody of significant standing from a regulated industry such as financial services.


    They need to do this to give them the best chance of running the property industry and making their exams law where they are the only provider making it a money maker with other lucrative spin offs.


    1. Mrlondon52

      This sounds likely. Good points. the big financial opportunity is to ‘own’ the vocational qualification and the training.

    2. debbiedoesalot

      It would be nice to think they would know a bit about the property market too ……

  9. HProp

    Sorry to read this news. Wishing David all the very best for the future.

  10. drasperger

    Looking at the “payouts” for departing staff in last year’s accounts, I hope David takes them to the cleaners! He has been easily the best thing to happen to ARLA in the 20 years I have been a member.  As a business we have been spending north of £5k per year on memberships, CPD training and CMP.  Time to think again.


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