EU home movers snubbing UK amid Brexit uncertainty

Brexit has deterred Europeans from moving to the UK, research claims.

Analysis by – based on 115,388 estimates for international removal quotes on its comparison website – found that 23% of users were moving from the European Union to the UK, down from 42% in June 2016.

The UK now accounts for 22% of all moving destinations arranged through the website, down from 66% in June 2016.

Rob Houghton, chief executive of reallymoving, said: “The withdrawal agreement, as it stands, would bring the free movement of people to an end, making it more difficult and expensive for EU workers to come to the UK.

“This has clearly had a significant impact on the decisions people have made about where to settle over the last almost three years, dramatically reducing the flow of people from the continent into the UK.

“Uncertainty over our jobs market and the rights of EU workers in the UK, as well as British citizens in Europe, is encouraging EU residents to look for opportunities elsewhere, in countries where they can settle without the risk of upheaval in the near future.”


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  1. Northampton Landlord

    The reason EU citizens come to the UK is that work is plentiful.

    Employers are not interested where the applicant is from, just can you do the job and are you reliable?

    This is not the case in Europe.

    Unemployment in most major European countries is higher than the UK at 3.8%.  Unemployment in Spain is 13.9%. 15 to 25’s it is 30%.

    Did anyone really believe workers from other parts of Europe move here for our climate, generous benefit system and low cost of living?

  2. LandlordsandLetting

    That idiot Cameron’s damn stupid referendum in 2016 has a lot to answer for. In fact, I remember that before the referendum Galliard Homes were advertising flats aimed primarily at buy-to-let landlords and they were actually offering to return buyers’ deposits in the ‘unlikely’ event of a vote to leave. Enough said.

  3. UKisgreat

    Best news since the early 2000’s, perhaps if less demand for housing in UK, prices will cease to rise at the ridiculous levels they have over the last 24 yrs. Yes I sell property but the price rises since 1995 have been beyond the pale. I would also go so far as to double the UK stamp duty rate for overseas buyers, its ridiculous they pay the same tax as a UK resident.

  4. Sunny007

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