Estate agents pull ‘astonishing’ house from market after people see inside

Estate agents were forced to take down an online listing for an ‘astonishing’ two-bedroom house listed for sale at an asking price of £160,000 after prospective purchasers viewed the property internally.

The property, advertised as being for ‘cash buyers only’, was ridiculed online for having no first-storey floor, an unfinished roof and plants growing inside it.

Haart’s listing of the terraced house in Shirehampton, Bristol, was being advertised on Rightmove as an ‘extremely exciting’ two-bedroom home.

The estate agency’s listing description claims planning consent has already been awarded to convert the former coach house with ‘huge potential’ into a two-bedroom dwelling.

The estate agency described the property as a ‘fantastic opportunity not to be around for long’ – despite the property still being on the market six months after the asking price was lowered to £160,000 in September last year.

After being alerted to the public ridicule on social media, Haart removed the listing from Rightmove.

One social media user wrote: ‘This takes the p**s. I wouldn’t even go so far as saying it’s a house. How the hell is this exciting? It’s a barn. Absolutely feral.’

Another commented: ‘I knew it was bad when I saw the barn door.’

The listing on Rightmove stated: “With this property being suited to cash buyers only, we expect this to be a fantastic opportunity and one that will not stick around for long!”



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  1. 40yearvetran08

    Looks interesting, why remove it. I bet they got loads of enquiries. Put it back online, do not be put off by some stupid comments, it is good publicity.

  2. Sundance

    …perhaps unintended but they’re getting far more publicity by pulling it and if anybody is interested in the property they know exactly where to go !

  3. PRS is fun

    Once we have established that “housing is a human right bruv”, then it becomes an affront that people should be allowed the liberty and initiative to convert a barn or whatever. The detractors perceive it as something akin to Thatcherism rearing its ugly head on the portals, and the offenders needed to be admonished.


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