Estate agents with outdated websites struggle to win instructions

Outdated websites will cost agents crucial leads as sellers demand high-quality sites and imagery, claims Homeflow.

A new study carried out by market research company Opinium, on behalf of the PropTech lead generation company, has revealed that four in five – 81% – vendors would not contact an estate agent if their website looked dated, and did not include high-quality imagery.

The survey results, based on 2,000 home sellers in the UK, across all locations, ages and gender, confirms what many of us already know – first impressions count.

Additionally, the Homeflow commissioned survey found a number of insights into consumer demands on a website, with almost nine out of ten sellers – 88% – wanting to see properties they have recently sold in their area.

Meanwhile, 86% want to see recent seller reviews of the agent, and 89% would like the option to receive an instant estimated valuation for their property.

A live chat option on a website was also popular, with 59% of sellers keen on the option to quickly ask questions.

Some 62% would like to view video content of the agency, with 70% keen on a ‘Meet the Team’ page to see local selling experience and team size.

Nik Chotai, managing director of Homeflow, commented: “Our research highlights the importance of giving your potential customers a superb, polished web experience.

“Consumers are highly demanding these days and you have literally seconds to keep them engaged with your websites.

“The Homeflow team has worked hard to build products to help agents convert leads via their website and win more local instructions.

“From the research, you can see why having a great looking website, property search pages, instant valuations and live chat options are key to winning listings.”



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  1. AndSotheStoryBegan

    Totally disagree. Agents are sold this ‘bag of tricks’ that a website needs all these features when, in fact, potential clients mostly look for is an inspiring home page and an About Us page that demonstrates either culture, or individual profiles and values.

    The more information on a site, or the harder it is to navigate, the lower the conversion rate.

    What’s missing from the vast majority of estate agency websites is a clear and compelling message. It’s missing because not that many agents have an understanding of how they are different, or what they need to say to attract clients.

    If there is confusion, the answer is usually No.

    A simple site at under £1000 can often outperform a complex site at £10000.

    1. Malcolm Egerton

      Agreed. Most fee earners have mad up their minds – at least as to a shortlist – once they’ve read the agent’s Google reviews anyway.

  2. Woodentop

    Have to admit there is some truth in the story. I’ve seen some pretty drab and useless agents web sites over the years, particularly from those that seem to have forgotten to get their personal message over to customers and used run of the mill ‘others do it’ to get a web site onto the net.


    It is your shop window. Look drab, un-professional, over complicated and poor property content ….. what do you expect? The same ‘principle of old’ applies to newspaper advertising, ‘advertising does not sell properties, it gets you instructions’. Now for the uninitiated we all know that today internet does help sell properties but I think you get the drift.

  3. janbyerss

    “89% would like the option to receive an instant estimated valuation for their property.
    A live chat option on a website was also popular, with 59% of sellers keen on the option to quickly ask questions”

    People do NOT want a remote valuation

    All of the chat bots are total ****

    1. Malcolm Egerton

      The last thing I want is a ‘remote’ valuation. I can get that from Rightmove (and as I know much more about the properties in my street my guess will be far more accurate).


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