Estate agents to feature in new prime time reality TV show

Antony Antoniou (seated) and PK

A new realty TV show will follow eight estate agent hopefuls competing against each other, closing deals and doing whatever it takes to get sales over the line, to win the grand prize – a job at Robert Irving Burns’s (RIB) West End office.

The London based estate agency is starring in the Channel 4 programme, which currently has a working title of ‘Selling Super Prime’, and is due to air early next year.

The TV show, which is set to feature a number of celebrities, will go behind closed doors of some of the UK’s most exclusive properties, unlocking the secrets of selling super prime property.

RIB’s MD, Antony Antoniou, stars alongside Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and celebrity property magnate, Paul Kemsley (PK), who is now a 50% shareholder and director of RIB.

As well as featuring in the show together, the duo is also planning to launch a number of new initiatives to disrupt the UK property sector.

Antoniou said: “We’re really excited to welcome PK on board and be a part of this new TV show, which will bring some of that Beverley Hills sparkle to the Capital and place London’s prime property market firmly on the global stage.

“We are creating the UK’s number one real estate agency and in doing so we want to truly revolutionise the UK property market; reforming how we invest in real estate and using technology to create agility in the market.”

PK added: “It’s great to be back, working with some outstanding talent at RIB and it’s exciting for me to add a global footprint to this legacy practice. The UK real estate market is ripe for disruption and we will be making a number of announcements in the coming months to spark innovation across the sector.”



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  1. KByfield04

    Does anyone else read this ‘and doing whatever it takes to get sales over the line’ and shudder at another stereotypical representation of our industry? Id rather a TV company get someone like Vicky Bibiris to head up a programme highlighting her exemplary leadership and community activity- not stuck on 1980’s stereotypes!


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