Estate agents forced to pull embarrassing picture from listing

Estate agents were forced to remove photos from a listing after house hunters spotted a rude sign in the living room of the property.

The house, marketed for sale at an asking price of £200,000 by Nicholas Humphreys estate agents, features four double-bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms, kitchen and private back garden.

But house hunters with an eye for detail noticed a photo taken in the living room with a happy birthday banner on the wall.

In the photos, golden helium birthday balloons can be seen above the TV while underneath a banner reads, ‘let’s party b******’.

The property description, published on Rightmove, fails to mention the birthday sign in the description!

A spokesman for Nicholas Humphreys told the press: “I can see how that [the birthday banner] could potentially attract some attention – good, bad or otherwise – I do understand exactly where that’s coming from.

“I think the best thing we should do is remove that particular photo from the stack.”

“I think we should remove that and find another photograph of the lounge where we ask the tenants to remove the banner or alternatively just take another angle,” he added. “It needs to be replaced clearly.”



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  1. Neil Robinson

    I had a similar, but narrow escape just the other day.

    I’d taken a pic in a client’s lounge and then noticed some greetings cards on the shelf in full view. He’d just passed his driving test, and an A4 sized card was staring at me with the words “WELL DONE YOU CLEVER C**T” on it.

    I’m glad that didn’t make it to the portals!

    1. PeeBee

      That may not have – but I had a RM/OTM listing sporting a front view image with “FAT C**T WENDY” spray-painted on the road outside.
      On the basis that it could have been a breach of CPRs 2008 to hide “material information”, I let it sit there until the propertry went SSTC.  I will admit I took it from a low angle so it was quite difficult (but not impossible) to read.
      Despite asking several of the natives, I never found out who “Wendy” was…

  2. AcornsRNuts

    Nicholas Humphreys estate agents must be staffed by snowflakes.  That is very mild compared to what could have been up there.  Still I suppose there is no such thing as bad publicity?


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