Estate agent removes photo after flag featuring a swastika causes offence

Newton Fallowell has removed a picture from its website after a complaint about it showing a flag featuring a swastika symbol, which was used by the Nazis.

The image, which was removed by the Grantham estate agent, was taken inside a property for sale in Hough-on-the-Hill.

The photograph also featured a number of other flags, which were seen hung on walls in the room featured, including a Union Jack.

A spokesman for Newton Fallowell told the press: “We do not have a set policy for circumstances such as this, but as a general rule if any property image we publish has the potential to cause offence we will temporarily withdraw it pending investigation.

“We have been made aware of such an incident and an investigation is in hand.”


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  1. AlwaysAnAgent

    Obviously a collector of flags or military memorabilia.

    I doubt whether my younger staff members would have any idea of what military or religious symbols may or not mean.


    We won’t be able to take photos of an armchair soon, just in case we offend the sofa.

    1. jan - byers

      Yes someone somewhere is offended by everything

      My answer is to ignore them and just let then  be offended in their  cossetted weak snowflake world.


      1. Carpets And Curtains Included

        So yeah, screw the person who complained and so what if they lost family members in Auschwitz at the hands of one of the most murderous dictatorships seen in modern history.

        As agents we are not thought police, and people can do what they like in the privacy of their own homes, but the agent was absolutely right to respond in the way they have.

        And as for ‘younger members of staff’ having no idea of what military or religious symbols mean – the Holocaust has been part of the national curriculum for a long time.

        You and AAA above need to give your heads a wobble.

        1. CountryLass

          Exactly. That does not mean that they cannot use this photograph, just that they would need to blur out the symbol. I believe that even now, the swastika is still used in certain parts however it seems to be more racist than anti-Semitic. I honestly cannot make up my mind it that is better…

      2. hgrlet

        Don’t you normally go on and on about some sentimental drivel regarding your grandfather flying war planes?

        I though of all people might be less enthusiastic about **** imagery.

        Is it really snowflakery to not want to see literal swastikas?

        This coupled with your population control comment in the other thread really makes one think.

    2. Not Surprised

      Or probably a lunatic far right supporter who had fully intended to be as offensive as possible. Happy to be a ‘cossetted weak snowflake’ all day long rather than be ignorant and offensive.

      1. Tee Jay Bee

        Ignorance can often cause unintended offence. Imagine thinking some would have a Union Jack in their house and not a Union Flag.


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