Estate agent handed 16-month ban for drink driving

An estate agent has been handed a 16-month driving ban and fined £1,000 after pleading guilty to driving with excess alcohol.

Lauren Monaghan, 20, crashed her Vauxhall Adam Griffin into a parked car in Falkirk while more than four times over the drink driving limit.

Monaghan gave a sample of breath when officers arrived at the scene of the car crash that proved on analysis to contain 99 microgrammes of alcohol in every 100 millilitres – four and half times over the legal limit of 22.

Monaghan, who lives in Aitken Crescent, Redding, Falkirk, pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol.

Simon Hutchison, the solicitor defending Monaghan, said: “It’s clear this was a really stupid one-off on her part. She’s very, very upset and annoyed at her behaviour and she shows a great deal of remorse.

“It is her first offence, there’s nothing else outstanding, and I’m pretty sure we’ll never see her again in the criminal court.

“She has just signed a contract to become self-employed in a local estate agency business. Her work will be commission-based, selling houses.

“She accepts that her main difficulty will be that now she won’t  have a licence, she’ll have to spend a great deal of money on taxis and things.

“That will impact on the profits she makes.”


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  1. sah1966

    Why is this newsworthy? No doubt sent in by a desperate competitor.

  2. Simonr6608

    Why is her employment relevant, I’m sure there are plenty of other types of jobs from warehouse workers to solicitors and probably even doctors that have been done for drink driving. Very poor from PIE, are you that desperate for news

  3. 0racle

    A Vauxhall Adam griffin? Not heard of that one

  4. Honestly

    Slow news day??? With everything that is happening in the world at present, it is so sad to see that one of the leading stories is about someone caught drink driving. Shock horror. Drink driving is terrible but it happens to thousands of people. Come on PIE focus on property issues.

  5. Woodentop

    PIE appears to be desperate for stories. What on earth is going on?

  6. Property Ear

    Not a riveting release but a lesson to all. Why don’t all you critics get up off your bums and submit some news – and how much do you pay to read this excellent and informative daily anyway? Well done eye from one grateful reader at least!

  7. M24

    My first reaction to this story was to think how unfair PIE had been to not only name the individual concerned, but also quote her address. But then I thought about it … she crashed into a parked car, a stationary object, and one of reasonable size. I wonder if I would have been at all sympathetic towards her if it had been a small moving object like a cat (note the notoriety of a certain professional footballer) or, heaven forbid, a child. On balance, I don’t believe a £1000 fine and a 16-month ban is sufficient, but that’s the law and not the fault of the young lady concerned … so perhaps the full naming and shaming was a bit OTT?


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