Estate agent forced to hide toilet in ‘weirdest ever’ master bedroom

A four-bedroom detached property in Rogiet, southeast Wales, has attracted some unwelcome attention, after house hunters were left surprised at just how close the bathroom was to the master bedroom – dubbed the ‘weirdest feature ever’ as it is inside the same room just a few steps from the bed.

Davis and Sons Estate Agents, who are managing the sale of the property, say they have removed the images from the listing ‘because of trolls’, leaving prospective purchasers with an unexpected surprise when they view the property in-person.

The open-plan en-suite includes a toilet fitted at the foot of a bed, and because there is no partition screen, those using the toilet are in full view of anyone else in the bedroom.

The bathroom includes a sink and a shower cubicle surrounded by the same grey carpet that covers the rest of the bedroom.

The listing caught the attention of house hunters when a post on Saturday joked: “Who doesn’t love watching your partner take a dump whilst in bed?”

One person replied: “It’s such an odd choice because it would be nothing to have a wall alongside the shower and a door in front of the toilet. Or even keep it as it is but change the shower side for a frosted one and add a frosted glass door in front of the toilet. Why have they done this?”

A second joked: “Ah, nothing says ‘love’ like waking up to see your beloved straining on the bog.” Someone else questioned: “Even if you live alone who wants the smell of their own s**t and steam from a shower in their bedroom.”

“Haha ensuite! And now those photos are gone so you get an awesome surprise on the viewing!” wrote another, and someone added: “That is the weirdest thing ever.”

An agent at Davis and Sons Agent Agents told the press: “You can say [the en-suite] is open-plan into the bedroom. I’m sure a married couple has seen lots of things before anyway. Everyone has their own taste.

“It might not be to everyone’s desire but it would be easily rectified. You can easily put a wall or a screen up. It’s not the be-all and end-all.

“Commenting about sitting and watching your partner on the loo is one thing but the actual bathroom itself is a good quality and is done to a high standard.

“It hasn’t been an issue for the people that have been interested.”



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  1. AgentBen

    Although this could be done in a slightly more sensible way, it’s not uncommon, in the states this open plan is quite usual, particularly in hotels.

  2. Woodentop

    At least they managed to find somewhere for the compulsory TV to hang.


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