Estate agency sector losing talented women due to the menopause

There are a wide range of issues that can make it near-impossible for women to continue working when the menopause strikes.

For many, this costs them their confidence and careers and for some women despair associated with menopause can lead to suicide, according to the Women in Residential Property networking group, sponsored by tmgroup, mio, SDL Surveying and Groundsure.

For businesses, the menopause can lead to the premature loss of experienced team members; often at the height of their careers.

The far-reaching impact of the menopause was brought to light by subject experts Nicola Green and Sam Palmer, who came together along with women working across the breadth of the property transaction for an informative, yet engaging conversation.

Key learnings included; the full breadth of symptoms, how it should be supported like any other long-term mental and/or physical health condition, how businesses can stand to benefit from putting more resources into support (even avoiding discrimination tribunals), and how early and correct diagnosis can help the worst-affected women get the right treatment sooner.

It is not the first time the networking group has brought taboo subjects to light either. Alongside running a regular programme of topical industry debate, the Women in Residential Property networking group has been exposing the truth behind some of the most pressing issues affecting women across the property industry – including sexual assault and female financial wellbeing.”

Emma Vigus, chair of Women in Residential Property, commented: “In the wake of Alice Thompson winning her case [see below], it’s clear there are tides of change across the industry, but more work needs to be done to make sure all women – whatever their age or circumstance – get the support, flexibility and opportunity they need to continue working in the property industry.

“In a world where periods are taught at school and there are midwives on hand to support women as they become parents, it’s madness that there is very little support for women going through the menopause. It’s never been more important to give businesses the tools they need to be able to support and confidently signpost their colleagues to the right resources.”


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  1. Countrybumpkin

    Very interesting on Radio Two this morning – john Barnes book – The uncomfortable Truth about Racism.

  2. DASH94

    Just speaking personally – as a female, of a certain age, I want as little attention drawing to any issues I may or may not have, of a medical or personal nature as possible.    I don’t speak for anyone else – but, for me, things like this can make it harder for women in the workplace – not easier.

  3. claris

    As far as I know I am a woman. What a lot of twaddle. I have worked in agency and run my own business for more years than I care to remember. I have gone through the menopause and managed my career. I am sure that there are women who perhaps suffer different symptoms to me – but really – what a snowflake society.  I think I might take to my bed/pack up work and live on a desert island because I get migraines. Anyone want to join me ??

    1. Clarisa



  4. letstalk

    As a woman, how is this news? If you have a medical condition you need to go and seek treatment for that condition and advise your employer of your situation and how you are seeking to manage it so it can be handled accordingly, it doesn’t need to be ‘broadcast’ if you are a private individual. That is the same right everyone should have and that is where this begins and ends for me.

  5. Ebro

    It saddens me that comments on this thread, written by women, are so unsympathetic towards those women who do suffer appalling symptoms during menopause which can impact on their professional lives. Everyone’s experience of menopause is different, some (lucky) women barely notice it, but for a sizeable proportion of women, it can be extremely debilitating. Worse still, there is a social stigma around menopause which makes women feel they cannot or should not talk about it. Women are not always aware of the medical support that is available, and indeed many GPs are not well informed about the support they should be giving. How about we support one another as colleagues, managers and professionals, rather than dismissing or belittling each other’s experiences?

  6. Samr

    I was delighted to see this article as it shines a light on a subject that people are still finding uncomfortable to talk about but I was absolutely gutted to see negative comments from women when we should be supporting each other not  trying to make other feel weak for finally finding the voice to ask for more support and help with something that can be devastating to many. Enabling women to carry on in their high flying careers with a bit of understanding and consideration is not encouraging snowflake behaviour but encouraging the world to give women the support they need at a sometimes career ending junction in their life.


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