Estate agency sale stock hits eight-year high

The supply of homes for sale is 20% higher than this time last year, with £230bn worth of housing available for sale, up £45bn on this time last year; good news for estate agents.

According to Zoopla, which supplied the data, the average estate agent has 31 homes for sale – the highest level in eight years – up from 26 properties this time last year.

The growth in supply, which is now at an eight-year high (compared to the same four-week period last year), has been driven by a rebound in the number of three- and four-bedroom homes for sale as existing owners return to the market and feel more confident to move.

While most homes for sale are new to the market, 31% of homes for sale were marketed in 2023. Rising mortgage rates saw demand weaken, but homeowners have now returned to the market to seek a home move. This increase in the supply of homes for sale boosts choice for buyers and is expected to keep house price growth in check over the rest of 2024, Zoopla said.

Sales agreed are up 13% year on year, but across most regions the growth in new homes for sale is outpacing the growth in the number of sales being agreed.

One notable region that has seen well above average growth in the number of homes for sale is the South West. There are a third more homes for sale compared to this time last year. Tax and planning changes in relation to holiday lets and the prospect of double council tax for second homes are likely to exacerbate the increase in homes for sale in this region, which has the highest levels of second home ownership.

Election to have modest impact on the housing market

The general election in early July is expected to have a modest impact on housing market activity. There are currently 392,000 homes in the sales pipeline working their way through to completion over 2024. An increase in fall-throughs is unlikely due to the election announcement as there is not a huge divide in policy between the two main parties.

Some buyers early in the home buying process may look to delay decisions, but the underlying motivations to move remain strong for others who are likely to continue their search for a home and secure a sale in 2024. The pace at which sales are being agreed is likely to slow in the coming weeks which means the total number of sales for 2024 could drop below 1.1m.

Meanwhile. the north/south divide in house price growth continues, according to the data.

Zoopla expects this north/south divide in house price growth to continue for the remainder of 2024 as incomes and house prices re-align across the country.

Richard Donnell, executive director at Zoopla, said: “The growth in the supply of homes for sale is evidence of renewed confidence amongst homeowners, some of whom delayed moving decisions in 2023. The quarterly rate of house price inflation has picked up in recent months as more sales are agreed and prices firm.

“The announcement of the election will slow the pace at which new sales are agreed while greater choice for buyers will keep house prices in check over 2024. It’s essential that those serious about moving in 2024 price their homes realistically if they want to achieve a sale.”

Property industry reacts to Zoopla House Price Index


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  1. MrManyUnits

    Well not surprised, with all the reductions as well, I presume this will be mostly Landlords and as they start drilling down to their returns only more will come to market.

    1. jan-byers

      No they are not mostly landlords – property prices for all houses and flats have fallen – the property market is weak
      The increases in mortgage interest rates and food and fuel increases have greatly reduced the number of buyers
      If landlords want to sell that is a business decision

  2. South Coast

    Masses of stock, piling up on the market with few buyers looking.
    Great time to buy!

    1. jan-byers

      Great time to see if prices go down further


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