Emotion runs high as Kerfuffle’s Community Champion award is presented to Stephen Brown

Simon Whale (left) and Stephen Brown

Among the many awards given out at the ESTAS last Friday evening, one in particular brought the entire crowd to their feet as Kerfuffle’s founder Simon Whale presented property industry trainer and mentor, Stephen Brown, with the Kerfuffle Community Champion award.

In his presentation speech Simon Whale said:

“What we have seen in the last year, is the very best of our industry. In the face of adversity and the tragic loss of his wife Sam to cancer, Stephen did not let it stop him as he went full force to raise money together with agents and suppliers, to deliver computer devices to children who were homeschooling during the Pandemic; allowing them to be connected their friends and education at this vital time.”

In an emotional moment, as the entire room of over 1,100 people rose to its feet to give Stephen Brown a huge standing ovation, Simon went on to tell the crowd that: “This is what it is all about. People like him and people like you, can make a difference.”

Stephen Brown’s Computer’s for Schools campaign has successfully raised over £80,000 through donations from agents and suppliers. Stephen says that he hopes to see the total raised hit £200,000 as, “there are still so many people to reach and help. We are allowing agents who are involved in this campaign to choose local schools and organisations in their own community to benefit from the devices that are being funded by their donations.”

Simon Whale says “It’s sometimes easy to assume for our own privileged middle class viewpoint that every child has an iPad and has been able to seamlessly participate in online learning and activities with the rest of their peer group.

“This sadly is far from the case and this pandemic highlighted that there were plenty of schools and families who, through no fault of their own, found themselves woefully ill equipped and unprepared for homeschooling or staying connected to communal activities.

“That’s why we are backing Stephen and his campaign, making sure that this fantastic work continues to help the people that need it most.”

For every Supplier Tech Stack Review MOT that Kerfuffle carries out for agents, it makes a donation to the Stephen Brown Computers for Schools Campaign.




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  1. Simon Bradbury

    So well deserved!

  2. Property Poke In The Eye

    Well done Stephen

  3. CarlyK

     It was great hearing about what Stephen Brown has achieved and the good that donations have generated. Agents, let’s give Stephen and his laptop campaign a helping hand by acting on the opportunity that Simon Whale and Kerfuffle are also offering. [Comment moderated. Users may not use comments to promote a service or business.]

  4. KByfield04

    An amazing man and an inspiration to us all as an industry!

  5. letstalk

    One of the nicest and most thoughtful people in the industry, so very much deserved.


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