Emoov database buyer says it has contacted all 5,000 former customers

The firm which acquired Emoov’s property listings from the administrators says it has spoken to around 5,000 customers.

Pattinson Auction bought the listings before the sale of Emoov’s name, branding and platform to start-up company Mashroom was announced this week.

Mashroom is currently inviting previous customers to re-contact it, saying it is looking forward to working with them to get their properties re-listed.

Pattinson Auction had earlier said it would offer assistance to all Emoov and Tepilo customers “who had been left in limbo” when the companies went into administration in December.

Pattinson auction director Justin Beckwith told EYE yesterday: “Since acquiring Emoov’s database, we have contacted every seller who was on the market with them.

“All customers have been informed of how we can help them deal with the upheaval caused by Emoov entering into administration.

“The nature of our national network and the accessibility of our local partner agents has been well received by former Emoov and Tepilo customers.

“We have also had nearly 100 agents enquire about partnering with us to help process the volume of instructions we have received.

“Currently, we are in the process of rolling out our white-label product to them to ensure the high level of service is maintained across the board for new customers.”

In the aftermath of Emoov and Tepilo entering into administration, Pattinson put together a team to process enquiries, headed up by Lee Smith.

Smith told us: “It has been challenging as we have spoken to around 5,000 customers who are, understandably, looking for answers.

“We have been determined to deal with all requests and deliver the best service to each customer.

“It has been paramount that we ensure that we do not cut any corners. For example, we are arranging for new photos to be taken and new descriptions to be written up.

“It was always going to be the case that in offering to step in we would have to overcome new problems, and the team has risen to the challenge.”

While Pattinson Auction acquired the database, Purplebricks opened a hotline for Emoov clients, offering them a free service.

The offer was open between December 12 and 21.

Yesterday, EYE asked Purplebricks for an update.

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  1. Moveaside01

    Not to put too finer point on the matter, but as an already failed business model, where is the financial sense in contacting these people on the premis that the majority would have already paid up front?

    As noble as it is, where is the financial sense in contacting people who already paid?

    This business model failed for a reason and I fail to see how this course of action will help its cause, at bargain bucket prices you simply can’t provide great customer service, so why focus on it? Just pile it high!

    All very bizarre……

    1. P-Daddy

      Pattinson need stock and lots of it…as this will give them immediate market presence and give them a return on that purchase they made from the administrators. That will have messed up the Mashup plan (there you are, I’ve gone all millennial on you all) and now Mashroom must be feeling a bit in the dark like a Mushroom. Wicked innit! I wonder how many Purplebricks took on as well…wonder if they will answer PIE question…..!?

  2. ArthurHouse02

    “contacted all 5000 customers”….you mean you have sent 1 email out but to everyone!

    I would assume that these people are hoping previous vendors will sign up again and pay some sort of fee, but either way these people have moved on with their lives and most who are still trying to move will have instructed a proper estate agent.

    I give this new Emoov a year

    1. Chris Wood

      That long?

  3. EAMD172


    1. Onthelookout03

      I guess thinking about it deeper you could argue that in the performance or fulfilling the contract they have passed the customers details to a specialist who can help.  Its skating on the edge to be fair but probably something like.

  4. Property Poke In The Eye

    ‘Emoov database buyer says it has contacted all 5,000 former customers’
    …and is now asking for a refund 😉

  5. WiltsAgent

    The one property they had on my patch is now with a High Street agent and has been reduced by 20% in price. It’s probably still 10% more than it should be. Tells you all you need to know really. A web based agent ripping off their customers.

  6. surrey1

    Dear Gods


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