Do Britain’s agents have talent? Well, just listen to this Christmas single!

When one agency boss found that a colleague had recently taken a week’s holiday, he naturally asked what she had done in her time off.

Her reply was an apparently muttered something about recording a song.

Well, the song recorded by Joy Davis, who works on the management side of the business servicing larger private rental corporate clients for agents Acorn, so struck her colleagues that they persuaded her to post it as a single on Youtube.

Acorn boss Robert Sargent’  said: “It’s so exciting when someone who sits just a few feet away from you everyday turns out to be so talented and also so modest.

“We will shortly be uploading Joy’s Crimbo single to our website and various social media, but thought this might be a heart warming story that others in our industry might follow.

“Who knows they may even share with us at Christmas the hidden stars within their workforces.”

Enjoy! Her mesmerising voice and presence is truly special, so all you have to do is remember you read it here first. And please do let us know of the wonderful talents displayed in your own agency staff. You never know, we might feel an awards scheme coming on . . .

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  1. AgentV

    One of my favourite songs as well. Great start to the morning!


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