All-women demonstration closes Foxtons office at weekend

A group calling themselves the Women’s Death Brigade protested outside Foxtons in Islington, north London, on Saturday.

The all-women demo, organised by Class Warfare, featured women wearing masks and holding up placards saying “F*** Capitalism, f*** Patriarchy”.

One woman posed with a large fake hammer, making it look as though she was trying to smash into the deserted glass-fronted building.

They also left stickers on the building and handed out flyers which claimed to show injuries that a woman, named on the Class War website as Jane Nicholl, sustained during a clash in July.

Saturday’s protest, which seemed to be thinly attended, followed a July demo which resulted in three Foxtons estate agents at the branch losing their jobs.

They had allegedly been involved in a brawl with Class War protesters outside Boris Johnson’s home.

On Class War’s website, a statement claims: “On July 15 this year I was violently assaulted by a Foxtons Estate Agent who came with his colleagues to disrupt our demonstration outside Boris Johnson’s house. I suffered concussion and was hospitalised with five stitches to the back of my head and severe bruising.

“Although the attack is on video and shows the police watching me being pushed over and calmly ignoring this, the Crown Prosecution Service has decided to drop the case due to ‘lack of evidence’.

“Let’s go on the offensive! We are not victims!”

The Metropolitan Police have told the Daily Mail that after the July 15 protest, one man will appear at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court on October 25 charged with assaulting a police constable.

A second man is to appear on November 14 at the same court.

The case against a third man has been discontinued.

The Class War website reports Saturday’s demonstration, accusing Foxtons of condoning male violence, adding “ … it’s also important to remember that the housing which they [Foxtons] are involved in propelling out of control, is a gendered crisis”.

We have approached Foxtons for comment.


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  1. Robert May

    Sorry but what is this about?

    1. kierstysims

      I have no idea?

  2. moneymanager16

    I remember seeing the demo outside Johnson’s house, looked as though many of the protesters were decidedly anti-democratic, of course they were becasue the vocal self opinionated always KNOW they are right even when they lose a national vote.

  3. LordElpus56



  4. Woodentop

    Who’s mother is that! Old enough to know better.

    1. fluter

      I’m not so sure men are her thing but I might be wrong

  5. Fencesitter

    Further proof – if any were needed – that The People’s Republic of Islington (represented by one J Corbyn, MP) really is stuck in a 1970s timewarp…

  6. thehonestopinion88

    Nobody condones the fracas the agents were involved in a few months ago but women protesting outside an office which sacked the agents involved, is a joke. If anything the group should be pleased with Foxtons handling of the situation.

    Anybody who’s watched those video’s can also see that the agents weren’t attacking women, like the protesting ‘Women’s Death Brigade’ have made out.

    It’s no surprise the majority of comments on this page aren’t in favour of the groups actions this weekend.


  7. The JB

    ‘It’s also important to remember that the housing which they [Foxtons] are involved in propelling out of control, is a gendered crisis’


    I actually love this.


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