Business as usual for Relocation Agent Network as owner agrees to sell

The Relocation Agent Network (RAN) says its members, staff, customers, and relocating employees will continue to receive the ‘same’ service as always after its American owner, Cartus Corporation, entered into a non-binding term sheet to sell RAN to Dwellworks’ UK entity.

Dwellworks, a major destinations services provider, sees RAN and its member estate agents as a key part of its long-standing and long-term expansion strategy.

Meanwhile, after a career spanning 25 years with Cartus, Richard Tucker, vice president of supply chain management and long-time RAN managing director, will be exiting the business at the end of this week to take time to focus on his health.

Cartus’ David Pascoe said: “Before, during, and after the intended transaction, we anticipate that RAN clients should experience zero impact or friction given our existing and ongoing partnership with Dwellworks, who is well established in the Cartus system and as a supplier in the UK and EMEA region overall.

“Likewise, RAN members, staff, customers, and relocating employees will continue to receive the same exceptional service as always through the same RAN support team in place today. It will simply happen through a proven Cartus partner.”

Reflecting on the news that Tucker will be leaving RAN, Pascoe added: “We wish him all the best for the future and thank him for his outstanding leadership of Relocation Agent Network over the past two-and-a-half decades.”

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  1. Simon Bradbury

    Without doubt Richard Tucker has been one of the most influential and significant figures in the fantastic Relocation Agent Network and indeed beyond.

    He has led “RAN” over many years and has been the catalyst for so many impressive initiatives that have benefitted members across the country for which I personally offer my sincere thanks. He has had a significant impact on Thomas Morris Sales & Lettings.

    Finally, he really is one of the industry’s ” Good Guys” and it is simply an honour to know him!

    1. Whaley

      Couldn’t agree more Simon, just left this blog reiterating your points. “ How do you judge a man’s achievements? By his salary, by his accolades, by the power he wields?  These are of course all metrics but like the amount of clicks I get on a Facebook post with an amusing cat gif they are ultimately vanity stats in the tapestry of life. I think most of us would wish to be well thought of by your friends and colleagues, so if we’re working on that basis of how you’re seen being one of life’s KPI’s then the man I’m going to be writing about is the richest and on target for all. It’s today with both sadness yet great fondness that I see the news that Richard Tucker is stepping down from his position at the head of Relocation Agent Network (RAN).
      For those that don’t know, Richard fell ill with the virus at the start of the pandemic. Let nobody, certainly not ‘Karen off Facebook’, tell you that this virus isn’t worth everyone’s concern as Richard has struggled to fight off ‘long-Covid’ which you may have read has left so many thousands chronically fatigued. So I take it absolutely as another great measure of the man that he has taken the decision to focus on getting fit again and not impact the running of RAN.
      I mention fit again because I had to witness Richard speeding off down the River Wye in a kayak like Tom Sawyer, I learnt a lot about Richards back as I was always half a mile behind .The kayaking to be fair did have only one slight capsizing incident but I put that down to Dafydd Hardy offsetting the balance of the boat due to the few too many shandy’s he had the night before which he assured me was entirely for ‘constitutional’ purposes.
      Richard both personally and by encouraging RAN to get involved did a fantastic amount of work for charity, like both of the above challenges done for one of his member agents and friend Dominic Subbiani who was hit with Huntingtons disease. I know first-hand the difference it made to Dom knowing how many people got involved as he didn’t think anyone would be interested. The likes of Richard ensured he was put right on that front.
      I talked about accolades above and I was probably over dismissive because one area that Richard personified was the affection that RAN members had for both him and the Network when they were quite rightly recognised on more than one occasion at EA Masters for the overall ‘Supplier of the Year’. When you are competing with the great and the good of the supplier ecosystem that’s some going and I know that many RAN members will have been thinking about Richard in particular as they put their cross in the box.
      On a personal note, even when I was doing my latest Ratner moment at their conferences, Richard was never anything other than the perfect gent and gave me a smile and if anything, like Gazza not wanting to let Bobby Robson down, it probably prevented my worse excesses as you simply wouldn’t ever want to let Richard down either.
      It will be to RAN’s benefit I’m sure that the team that Richard leaves behind have all been steeped in the same core beliefs that made him who he was, and that can only to be to RAN’s benefit.
      Let me round off by completing my point in the opening paragraph – Richard is one of the few people in this industry that I’ve never heard a bad thing said about him, actually unusually for me that’s an under exaggeration because I’ve only ever heard talk about him extremely positively and that doesn’t matter whether its on a private or business basis.
      So Richard, from myself, everyone at Kerfuffle and I’m sure more than you can count to mention out there in the industry, we wish you all the very best and look forward to having a drink together when you’re fighting fit again. Get well soon Richard.”  

  2. simonwilkinson73

    I have known Richard from day one of RAN, 25 years on we have become firm friends, a man of great integrity and principle.

    There are few in the property profession that are held in such high regard and Richard has lead a great team at RAN over the years, he has the grass roots understanding of the property profession having worked his way from the bottom to the top. I have sat with him on Government level meetings over the years such is his influence. He is listened to as a subject matter expert at every level, a rare feat, he has worked hard to drive standards up and to lead by example.

    Long Covid has hit him and his family very hard and we all salute you and wish you a full recovery.


  3. Anthony Hesse

    As others have said, Richard is one of the industry’s good guys, one I have had many dealings with over the last 20-25 years. Always a pleasure to work with, a consummate professional and a thoroughly good bloke. Wishing you a continued recovery from this dreadful virus and all the best in your well-deserved retirement Richard. Cheers Anthony.

  4. Nick Salmon, M.D. Property Industry Eye

    Richard has been a beacon of calm and measured professionalism throughout his career and a fine ambassador for the industry. I wish him a long and happy retirement and a swift recovery to full health.

  5. Commentator91

    I’ve known Richard for almost 20 years and during that time, across all of our meetings, he has been a true gentleman, professional and courteous.

    Richard has always had time to talk and to listen.

    I wish him well with his retirement and hope his health soon improves.

    One of the industry’s good guys.

    All the very best Richard, we shall all miss you.

  6. Robert_May

    It is a  telling tribute when so much  unsolicited respect is shown to someone when they retire.


    Enjoy  a well deserved retirement Mr. Tucker

  7. Bracken@Whalley

    Andrew Duncan – Former M.D at J B & B Leach

    I first met Richard at their Head Office in Swindon in 2005, as many prospective members of RAN did in those days, and it was Richards passion for the then Home Sale Network that convinced me to join the Organisation, so i have him to thank for all the wonderful members I’ve met since then and the friendships that i have made as a consequence, not least Richard himself and his wife Eve.

    He has certainly made a huge contribution to the Industry over many years and i don’t feel it is overstating his presence within RAN to say that without him it wouldn’t have grown to the size it did and ultimately create an unparalleled Independent Network of like minded leading Industry professionals.

    Good luck Richard, I’m sure we’ve not seen the last of you.

    Andrew & Jeanette.

  8. Richard M Tucker

    Many thanks everyone for your kind and generous messages, they mean a great deal to me.  It has been a privilege to know and to work with so many of during my 40+ years in the industry and 25 with Cartus and RAN. Ours is an industry I have always been proud to serve, not least because of all of you.

    I wish you all the very best for 2021.

    Best regards,



    1. Whaley

      Nice one Richard


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