BTL landlords urged to back campaign against damaging rental housing policies

Buy-to-let landlords are being asked to back a campaign to challenge policies that are having an adverse impact on the private rented sector north of the border.

It follows a decision by the Scottish government to develop a rent freeze and ban on repossessions in the private rented sector without a proper consultation with stakeholders.

The campaign, led by a coalition of organisations from across the UK’s private rented sector, has launched an online crowdfunding campaign page to fund a judicial review of the Scottish government’s policies.

They are seeking to prevent the measures being extended beyond the legal cut-off date of 20 September 2023. The campaign group includes the Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL), the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA), Propertymark and Scottish Land and Estates (SLE).

The Scottish government’s restrictions have been widely criticised. The Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland has warned that the rent cap will “undermine tenants’ housing outcomes”, by choking off the supply of homes available to rent.

Ben Beadle, chief executive of the NRLA, said: “Renters across Scotland are being hit by policies which undermine the supply of the very homes they need.  It is deeply worrying that such damaging and short-sighted policies can be developed without proper consultation with stakeholders.

“I urge all those wanting sensible policy that works for both renters and responsible landlords to support the campaign.”

John Blackwood, chief executive of SAL, added: “Our job is to stand up for our members and to represent their views.

“Over the years we have been able to do that in a constructive manner with the Scottish Government and, as a result, have secured changes which have improved the private rented sector in Scotland.

“However, arbitrary rent freezes and eviction bans discriminate against private landlords, reduce investment and harm both landlords and tenants, while making it harder to solve Scotland’s housing crisis.

“With pressure being placed on landlords by governments throughout the UK, now more than ever, landlords all over the country need to work together in ensuring our voice is heard.”



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  1. MickRoberts

    Independent Govt tribunal mentions Nottingham City Council Selective Licensing targeting EVERY Landlord & house instead of the problem Landlords & problem houses. Point 77This is a recent tribunal ruling for a Rent Repayment order that has just made more tenants homeless. But please read point 77. You’ve already got a bad name @MyNottingham Council, but now the authorities are noticing u.Rent Repayment order RRO Tribunal said Nottingham Council is seen as money making, because it’s covering whole city and not the deprived areas. By the way even the deprived areas have got 100 people applying for each house-So they not that deprived are they.And even more By the Way, I have many houses in these Not deprived areas/roads/streets & I’ve asked Nottingham City Labour Council to comment & they said ‘It’s an area’.Nottingham City Council in their infinite wisdom thought they better help with this RRO setting an example so they can boast. However us common sense Landlords know, as soon as we hear this, many of us sell even more houses ACTUALLY making it worse and more expensive for the next lot of waiting tenants. How can Govt get this so wrong? Supply and demand Airlines, holidays, petrol, gas, electric, and now Landlords-We are a sought after commodity. Tell u what, come punish us, that will certainly help the tenants won’t it.So rents are now even more expensive and Sadiq Khan now wants to cap rents. Can these bafoons not see what they doing? I’ve been to Eton college but I’m the the thickest person on the planet and I am going down in history as the man that helped tenants for one year, but then made many more thousand homeless after that. And as I write this, I get my annual fee demand from the Information commissioner to make sure I am following data protection rules for my tenants otherwise I can’t give the plumber the tenants phone number to fix their leak. How did we manage without this date fee for 50 years? I feel so complete now we have this. Another charge & reason to pack up.

  2. Woodentop

    Maybe someone in the SNP has some spare cash hiding?


    All UK governing bodies were told time and again what would happen if they attacked ALL landlords with a paint brush……. tenants will be the ones that suffer.


    Did/do they listen, no. Now they have a situation of their making with England soon to follow, Wales is already in melt down. Will things ever get better for all those involved? Don’t see it happening, the chances of reversed directives etc need to be made by people who are not on the receiving end of the misery, living in cloud cook coo and the ones that created the mess in the first place.


    I’m at my wits’ end with the demise of PRS. Having to tell tenants to get out because the landlord is selling up and good landlords at that. Telling them that some landlords want blood with the rent hikes that are unrealistic for some of those existing tenants to afford, so no  surprise rent capping is on the agenda. I care passionately for all our tenants on our books, they are good tenants, they live in good homes and responsible landlords (won’t touch rouges on either side) and we stand proud agents unable to do anything to stop the rot. Any further state control of the industry will be the final nail that creates a mass run to the door and misery will be unimaginable for those they say they protect .. the tenants. The ignorant attitude, stuff the people who work in the industry, misery for their families and all those associated workers helping to keep the cogs greased … they are not even considered!

    1. MickRoberts

      I’m charging what I consider are expensive rents whenever I have one come up as I just never know where the next attack is coming from.
      This bungalow £622 to tenant been there 9 years. Passed away. Full refurb. Now £825.

  3. northernlandlord

    Despite being an obvious disaster for the very people it was supposed to help I am pretty sure that Scotland’s eviction bans and rent freezes will be adopted in England in some form at some point. The fact that it’s a proven disaster won’t stop them. What is it with Governments that once they adopt an idea no matter how unwanted and evidently bad it is they will never hold their hands up, admit it was wrong and back track?  HS2 and Smart Motorways are prime examples as will the renter’s reform bill when it becomes law.

    1. MickRoberts

      Same with DWP as we know.  They NEVER EVER admit they made a mistake. They’d rather see the person homeless.

  4. Will2

    Unfortunately there are many ROGUE COUNCILS who license all or almost all of their borough Like Croydon in suburban London and it sounds like Nottingham as well.  Croydon a council that has also badly failed its own housing duties as has been on national news and these failures are the very clowns being used to carry out enforcement (not against themselves I might add!) This can only lead to unsatisfactory results. Mick if you went to Eton what chance do local councillors have who probably went to the local comprehensive school in one of their own deprived areas?  When Government (does not matter which colour) introduce laws they should make it easy and sensible for the public to comply so only the wilful are punished.  In this case I would suggest on the Gov website should have a license requirement finder. i.e. a site where anyone can type in the address of a property and be provided with a full list of items they need to comply with to rent a property.  At present we have a PREDATORY SYSTEM whereby lay people are expected to be experts on law or cop a punishment for not fully understanding every aspect.  At every point it should be advertised and stated that such a system exists and you should go to this site for full details of any letting requirements.  That should be advertised on electical certificantes Gas certificates rates demands etc to ensure the public get the best chance of complying with the law; rather then leaving it to PREDATORY & ROGUE Councils to go fishing (with a shot gun into a barrel!) to raise money from  those who are  a little less expert.  As for the Greens, Khan and the others demanding rent control they regretfully are so stupid they are causing harm to vulnerable tenants who are mainly short sighted thinking these people are good for them.  The market is showing this is not the case. My own PREDATORY council has placed cameras at most yellow box road junctions in the borough to raise funds for getting things wrong.  It is easy to NOT understand how box junctions work and so so easy to judge it wrongly.  I would be surprised is most drivers haven’t got a yellow box junction wrong unintentionally. But Council mentality CHA-CHING here comes a another £100!!!!  Predatory, Unprofessional, almost scamming. It is not about the public good but raising dosh. As for KHANS ULEZ I can see this turning into public disobedience as it is clearly about money not air quality. Khan says pay me £12.50 a day, come in and pollute ’til your heart is content – thats good for air quality isn’t it!.

    1. MickRoberts

      Ooh I han’t been Eton, I’m taking cheese out the MP’s that have been Eton.

      Our local Councillors don’t even know how tax works.

      1. Woodentop

        If they were a landlord they soon discover how tax works. They would not be happy to be on the receiving end.


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