BTL landlord ordered to pay £40,000 for breaches of property licence

Islington Council has prosecuted a landlord who repeatedly failed to comply with licensing regulations, including refusal to provide a kitchen for a tenant, resulting in costs of £40,000.

The case was brought by the council’s Environmental Health team after an investigation revealed 15 breaches of residential property licensing conditions and a further two breaches of property management regulations. These breaches included leaving one tenant without access to a kitchen.

Mohammed Shahid, owner of 563 Holloway Road, was sentenced on Saturday, 22 January at Highbury Magistrates Court and his appeal was dismissed at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Thursday, 30 June.

Shahid was instructed by the judge to pay a fine of £31,250, costs of £8,657 and a victim surcharge of £190. Further costs associated with the appeal in June were also imposed.

Cllr Una O’Halloran, executive member for Homes and Communities, said: “Islington Council is determined to ensure that everyone in our community has a decent, safe and genuinely affordable place to call home.

“Landlords who consistently fail to uphold their responsibilities to their tenants, will not be tolerated in Islington. People should feel safe in their own homes, and they should be provided with everything they need to have a good quality of life.

“We hope that this prosecution will send a clear message to landlords that if they fail to comply with the rules, we will take legal action.”


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  1. Burn red tape

    Please tell us Mr Housing Minster why you need a National Property Register for rouge Landlords, when like Islington Cpouncil you already have legisl;ation.

    Is it to charge yet more fees to Landlrods to employ yet more civil servants to work from home to keep unemp;loyment figures down?

    As well as taking more money from the Landlord you will also be p;roducing a sixty nine page document for him/her to waste time completing.

    Utter madness by MP’s who should knoiw better.

    1. A W

      I believe that you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how MP’s view landlords. They don’t see them as “people” but as cashcows…


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