Best Estate Agent Directory now live and showing this year’s cream of the crop

The Best Estate Agent Guide has now gone live, listing the best estate agency and letting agency branches in the country.

Congratulations to all who made it.

The list follows the initial awards, announced in EYE on Monday, to the best brands.

The guide to the best branches can be found at:


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  1. ArthurHouse02

    I’m sorry but these results area joke. In my area some of the “winners” are well known for incredibly shoddy practices, and their overall lack of knowledge is amazing. Perhaps they got lucky on the day you mystery shopped them, but this is not a credible way to help the public choose an estate agent.

    1. WestMidsValuer97

      Totally agree….what a joke.

      How the hell did they get this list of “quality”

      The ones in my area are know by even the clients to be a bit ‘dodgy’ in their practice

      1. ArthurHouse02

        These sort of awards should come with the tag “Sponsored”. Thankfully the cost of avertising these awards officially is so high that any of the winners doesnt bother

      2. swpfc94

        Because the EAs have to pay for it – it’s just another RM product – only the insecure EAs bother with things like this.

  2. surrey1

    A fool and his money….

    Teaming up with Rightmove says it all.

  3. Breckland Agent

    Bitterness in the earlier comments would suggest you didn’t make the cut?

    1. surrey1

      Actually did. Still a load of guff.

    2. smile please

      We made it in,

      I also think its guff!

  4. Sunbeam175

    This is simply another way of rightmove and Peter Knight extorting further hard earned money from agents. The awards are based on two mystery shop phone calls and one mystery shop email. The fact that you sell the most in your area, price homes sensibly, do the best photography, do the best floorplans, achieve the highest prices, offer the best customer service, have a proper sales progression team to keep sellers and buyers in the loop and therefore have a low fallthrough rate, have IFA’s as mortgage advisers, open 16+ hours per week more than any competitors etc etc have no effect on these dreadful awards. Laughable! Oh, any before anyone comments, we did win in several of our areas but we will not be buying the marketing packages out of principal!

    1. fluter

      I think Sunbeam175, the mystery shopping comes AFTER they have used the RM data to assess ALL agents to see who actually does sell the most, for the best price, in the shortest time, achieve the highest % of asking price, lowest fall-through rate etc etc. The bottom 80% are then discarded and then the mystery shopping STARTS along with further RM data checks. Whilst it is far from perfect, at least agents are based on the same criteria and it is done anonymously. You only pay if you choose to promote your brand.

  5. ArthurHouse02

    I’m just generally a bitter person :)…But as with the above poster my office also made the cut. But as a fair minded person i feel such awards like this are not a genuine reflection on the customer service that is on offer from certain companies.

    On the other side of the coin the office directly across from me, is blindingly good, has a great bunch of staff, has better google reviews than us, and i am happy when they are in a chain with us as i know they do the job properly

    Due to (IMO) how the mystery shops are carried out, i question the legitimacy of these “awards” and the possible impact they are designed to have on people looking to dealing with estate agents.

  6. Harry Albert Lettings Estates

    Best Agent and ESTAS come across as pay to win to me.. Why don’t their sponsors cover the cost of the whole competition therefore levelling the playing field a bit?


    What happened to all agents? They’ve fallen right off the radar. 

  7. IWONDER36

    🙂 And the agent topping the list in our town is under investigation by trading standards, only two weeks ago had to remove all properties from the window.

    Known for not returning deposits.

    No redress scheme.

    Little or no maintenance.

    Basically looks after the slum landlords nobody else wants.

    Absolute joke, completely misleading, badly researched tripe!

    1. surrey1

      The prosecution rests.

      1. PeeBee




        “Promoting your presence in the Best Estate Agent Guide including, but not limited to, using the ratings and award-winners seal without paying the licence fee is strictly prohibited.”

        There ya go.


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