Battering the opposition: How local independent beat the big one

Flippin ‘eck! How’s this for a bit of local rivalry between agents?

In Hitchin, Hertfordshire, yesterday’s pancake day got off to a racing start with a number of local businesses taking part, including agents Connells, Lenwell, Taylors and D & J Lettings.

And it was Lenwell that flattened the competition in the charity event, with Pat Tkaczyj (in the Lenwell shirt) and Emily DeNoijer, on the left, taking first and second place in their race.

Thank goodness all that training paid off. We understand a number of sports psychologists were involved in the race preparation which will also have involved the agency investing in a lot of eggs and flour. Plus pans.

A spokesperson for Lenwell said immodestly: “We beat Connells – that’s the main story.”


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One Comment

  1. P-Daddy

    Oh…its so tempting to post the obvious on this story…but of course the internet police in snowflake land would be too outraged. Therefore fill in your own headlines to running around streets and tossing into the air….

    Hope it was fun to do


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