Bargain of the Week: The property that’s cost just £1

It is a room that could have a view – but if so, there’s no way to get in to admire it. Or see whether the room contains treasures – or cobwebs.

The property measures 12sqm and is completely unaccessible.

So, for all its town centre location and riverside setting, its use is not so much restricted as non-existent. Bricked up on all sides, and suspended over an alleyway in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, not even the auctioneer, Victoria Reek of William H Brown, was able to get in and see it.

It was put up for sale by the local council with a guide price of £100. However, it went for just £1 yesterday – with no way of the buyer knowing whether they were quids in.


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  1. MarkJ

    ‘Up a Blind Alley’ in more ways than one….

  2. Ryan Baker

    Why wasn’t it offered /bought by the owners of the adjacent properties ? They could’ve made good use of an extra room! But then you never know might be one of them afterall! Bridge Insurance could’ve used that Bridge ! 

  3. AgencyInsider

    Come the day there is a redevelopment, that room might make a rather valuable ‘ransom strip’.

  4. LandlordsandLetting

    ‘Agency Insider’ makes a good point. I would have offered 10 times that:)

  5. Elizabeth Davenport

    Will feel like a bargain until the first Council tax demand arrives. And then the council order for a dilapidated property… 🙂
    Seriously though, the place could be stacked up with disgarded asbestos or other waste. Who knows? Never buy property without seeing it first. 


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