Caught on camera – agents warned as moped raids on the rise

Estate agents, particularly but not exclusively those in London, continue to be warned about the rise in moped raids.

The latest agent to be targeted was London Estates in Hammersmith at around 3am last Friday.

The firm’s CCTV footage captured the incident and shows an intruder climbing over desks and opening cupboards.

However, nothing was stolen: the firm had securely stored away its laptops and other valuable equipment.

Police arrived just four minutes later.

On this occasion the moped raiders were wearing helmets, meaning that police could have chased them – they won’t if the moped riders put themselves at risk of death or injury by not wearing helmets.

The thieves in this instance are also thought to have broken into other nearby premises just before targeting London Estates. Their wearing of helmets may have been designed to make them less identifiable, showing how this crime may be changing its modus operandi.

As EYE has previously warned, estate agency offices are a specific target for moped burglars at night because they are well lit, showing access, and also with expensive equipment often on display.

However, there have also been incidences of moped thieves breaking into agents’ offices during daylight hours.

Please, for your own sakes, do take a look at your own security arrangements both when closed and open, especially with the festive holiday break approaching.

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