Agent Provocateur: My message to politicians is that you’ve made a mess of housing

As the silly season lumbers into view and our politicians disappear for their [not] well earned break, it strikes me that there are some rants we’d like put in front of them when they’re back.

The entire house buying/renting and building process is too short-termist.

No sooner has someone decided on a course of action, sensible or not, than it’s time to start campaigning for the next general election and it all goes out of the window.

My message to politicians is that we need a unified industry voice and we have no idea where you get your ideas from.

Why can’t you get a sensible experienced bunch of people together from all sectors of the industry, leave them in place for ten years and then LISTEN?

We are all thoroughly fed up with the lack of commitment on housing despite it always being ‘at the top of the agenda’.

I can’t even remember the new minister’s name as we’ve had so many – and why isn’t Kevin Hollingrake, someone who founded an estate agency and actually knows what he’s on about, considered for the post?

Why is renting considered a second-class option? For many it’s not, and all we hear about are the tenancies that go wrong.

And whilst you’re about it, please stop listening to bloated ‘campaign’ organisations preoccupied with tabloid headlines. Actual satisfaction ratings in our industry are very high yet we all dance to the tune of a few pillocks within it.

Please also get a grip of Brexit – every man and woman in the UK has a different view of what they want.

It’s an impossible process with impossible people – we could simply have told the EU we were starting from a straight no deal exit and worked from there, surely.

If we’re now seriously talking about legalising marijuana maybe there’s hope for all of us – especially if you decide to start smoking some of the stuff yourselves: the decisions reached can’t be worse than those on the table currently.

* Ed Mead is co-founder of outsourced viewing service Viewber

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  1. PossessionFriendUK39

    Ed,   –  I think some at MHCLG have been smoking it for a while now ( and passing it around the government benches )


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