A mystery for our times – why the estate agent disagreed with the industry trainer

It was one of those exchanges on Twitter that sent EYE off on the trail of investigative journalism.

Had industry trainer Julian O’Dell discovered something awry about an estate agency manager on one of his training courses? Had the manager turned up late, hung-over and unwilling to see the wit and wisdom imparted by O’Dell?

And had that resulted in the manager losing his job?

Certainly Rochdale estate agents Cowell-Norford seemed to be making that accusation, as they told O’Dell: “You got our manager sacked!”

O’Dell thought that was a bit harsh. But he didn’t exactly deny it, so was he to blame?

Thankfully, all was cleared up within minutes.

It turned out to be an exchange between two football fans.

O’Dell’s team, Luton Town, played Cowell-Norford’s team Rochdale, and Rochdale lost. As a result, their manager was sacked!


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