Zoopla’s new TV adverts will emphasise strengths of estate agents to public

A new TV advertising campaign by Zoopla is due to start today, emphasising its sideways move over the opposition.

The pivotal part that agents play and how sellers can find the best agent for them will be key in the new Zoopla campaign, aiming for the hearts, minds and money of vendors.

The advert features crabs Debs and Jess using Zoopla tool AgentFinder.

Zoopla said that the new-look tool re-focuses on agents’ brands.

The new advert will be shown across prime programming at ITV, C4 and Sky.

Vendor-focused radio and outdoor advertising is due to start next month.

Zoopla said it increased valuation leads to agents by 64% in the last quarter of last year, compared with the same period in 2017.

It said that the latest enhancement to AgentFinder is a “further initiative to drive consumer traffic to the Zoopla website and thereby increase the volume and quality of valuation leads reaching agents”.

Zoopla chief marketing officer Gary Bramall said: “Our aim is to be the UK’s number 1 property destination and our latest advertising message highlights how Zoopla helps vendors to find the right agent for them.

“The new look AgentFinder tool makes this process much simpler and faster for consumers.

“Underpinned by our nationwide advertising campaign, this latest development is part of our efforts to deliver more quality leads for our agents.”

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  1. GPL

    Take note OTM! You have had a gaping goal for months …yet seem unable to score for your team (Estate Agents! remember them??!).
    The award for “Ambition” goes to Zoopla, at least they are actually showing some Ambition!
    …..and Rightmove? ……still shafting Estate Agents!    

    1. Bless You

      Ironic then that ZOOPLA lets PAYANYWAY agents on its sites.
       Buyers stressed , vendors negotiating their own sales and losing £1000’s on inexperience.
      Really is an easy sell if you care. Well i gave OM a few months ….   wont be paying for it.
      Ironically it might be brexit that kills RIghtmove and Zoopla come out the winners….   At £350 per month , i hope so.    

  2. Steve_Smithson

    Does anyone have a YouTube link to it?

    1. sandra.jablonska@rettie.co.uk

      Here it is: https://youtu.be/mKOIdYDMCNw

    2. 1TB


  3. ArthurHouse02

    But how many valuation leads, actually lead to a valuation, IE an estate agent visiting their home?

  4. Essjaydee51

    Are RM still able to shaft agents having been denied all your stock in December!!

  5. SJEA

    I know it would appear as though I am taking one day in isolation, but as I am sat here Monday morning looking at our enquiries from yesterday (closed Sundays).

    I note that we have 10 enquiries wishing to book a viewing from OTM vs 1 enquiry from Z looking for a property our of area and another 1 asking for more information on a property(with the details requested already provided in the advert). We no longer advertise on RM as their leads were getting fewer and fewer and of a poor quality. Typically though, for my office OTM  out-performs Z.

    The difficulty I have with OTM is that the lead generation seems to peak with a great number of enquiries for a while and then lessens again.

    If they were consistently driving this number of enquires to our office, then we would only need this advertising platform ! Sadly, and currently this is not the case but for what I am paying OTM (Gold Member), this represents good value for money.

  6. Anthonyw

    OTM TV add is toe-curling cringey. It reminds me of “In The Navy”. They need to sack the marketing company that produced it. Zoopla at least have a decent ad.

    My problem with all of them is that half the leads don’t seem genuine. People contact us for more information and like someone already said the info is already with the listing. The number that actually request viewings is minimal. How do we know that these ‘leads’ are genuine and not the portal sending us duff leads to keep us using their sites. How many leads do you all get that turn into viewings etc.?



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