Zoopla welcomes 2,000 branches over the last ten months

Zoopla chief Charlie Bryant has revealed that 2,000 branches have joined Zoopla since the start of July last year and the end of April.

Bryant said: “Some of these are new joiners and others have returned to us having left because of the ‘one other portal’ rule.

“While there have also been some losses, due to branch closures or mergers, I am delighted to say that overall we are seeing net gains in agency members.”

Bryant would not be drawn on exact total numbers, but said that Zoopla is setting out its stall as offering both agents and the public something different.

He said that among consumers there is strong brand recognition of Zoopla, and for agents there is renewed focus on delivering vendor leads.

Bryant said that competition amongst the portals is no bad thing, saying that choice for consumers is important.

Bryant told EYE: “However, we also recognise the difficult challenges being faced by agents, and we see it as our job to help them.

“Transactions are low, prices are falling and agents’ commissions are under pressure, but the reality is that markets are very regional. The slowdown is feeding out of London, but in cities such as Liverpool house prices are still rising.

“We also recognise that the tenancy fees ban will be another big pressure on agents, and it will be difficult for some to absorb the loss of income. We think that there will be a new normal.”

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  1. JonnyBanana43

    I’ll never go back. Waste of money.

    Only tragic agents who feel they have to say “we are on all three websites“

    I’d like to leave expert agent too – they are of course now owned by Zoopla.

    1. AJP123

      Here he is, the man who gets 2% in York.

      Look at the story, I’m not sure they’re bothered. 2000 returned but JB43 in York didn’t, let’s hope they don’t close.

      Have a nice day at work JB43, hope you manage to convert some people to paying for OTM

      1. Bless You

        Yes , well done. So now agents are on all 3 portals at a cost of about £1800 a month per branch.
        Before on the market , agents could be on just zoopla = £350.. OWN GOAL.

        1. AJP123

          But Bless You, £5 shares!!!

  2. AgentQ73

    I wonder how many like me got signed up on a years deal for absolute buttons and now they want to charge full have given their notice.

  3. HIT MAN

    I got offered Z free for 6 months then £216 thereafter. If you only do lettings then you don’t need RM, the 2000 branches probably ditched RM and are taking advantage of OTM one other portal discount after their free period. Shows OTM is working and worth keeping.


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