Zoopla to launch biggest radio campaign yet

Zoopla is about to launch its biggest ever national radio campaign across over 40 radio stations that are part of Global Radio.

The move comes as Zoopla says that a record number of leads are being sent to its members from its websites after the summer break.

The radio campaign, which will run for the next six months, will encompass both the Zoopla and PrimeLocation brands and includes sponsorships, advertisements and competitions across stations including Capital, Heart and Classic FM.

Zoopla boss Alex Chesterman said: “We are delighted that we continue to grow our market share and set new records of performance for our customers. And we are very excited about our new marketing initiatives including the radio campaign set to launch imminently.”


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  1. MF


  2. marcH

    Smacks like a teeny weeny bit of desperation to me. AM/OTM collective round the corner and most will (probably) dump Zoopla……..

  3. PeeBee

    Forgive the dual post (re-worded to suit…) from a similar article further down the page…

    Okay… here's something that no-one seems to want to pick up and run with. According to – wait for it – THE PORTALS – 151% of property searches start with a visit to them. Therefore they are indispensable. Yet… here are Z advertising on RADIO to up their brand awareness. They are also on the TELEVISION (as do RM), backs of taxis, buses – in fact, you name it they've pretty much both got their logo on it… and by using all of our subscription monies to fund it. So… IF, as they crow, EVERYONE AND MORE simply logs on automatically… then why the need to advertise themselves? Nowt to do with AM coming along and nibbling at their ankles/knees/draw-your-own-line – they've been doing this for years with all the same claims…


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