Zoopla announces record number of vendor appraisal leads for agents

Zoopla and PrimeLocation have delivered a record number of vendor appraisal leads to agents.

The portals’ owner, ZPG, says that the number stands at almost 300,000 so far this year, up 31% on the same period last year.

It said the total value of these vendor leads introduced over the past seven months is worth an estimated £225m in fees to its members.

In total, including applicant leads, ZPG said it has delivered over 14m leads to its members so far in 2017.

Mark Goddard, MD of ZPG’s property division, said: “ZPG continues to generate more appraisal leads than any other website as a result of its unique valuation tools.

“And we continue to deliver the best value and most effective marketing solutions for our members, giving them a unique advantage in marketing their existing listings and winning new business.”

ZPG made the announcement yesterday morning, just as OnTheMarket was about to start its first roadshow to tell agents about its flotation plans.

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  1. Bless You

    Yes,  and they all go to purplebricks and Yopa who they let mislead about being local, and free with advertising banners.



  2. P-Daddy

    Look very carefully at what they describe as a vendor lead…not quite what it says on the tin. Just like Rightmove! They told us how many leads they had given us, including rental leads (we do not deal with rentals) and the addresses were all over the country and not where we had offices. Searches and our market stats are based on postcodes, why can’t they identify the same for these so called leads…or is that an inconvenient truth…#fakefacts

    1. Bless You

      Correct :   they count people not on market as valuation leads.and maybe from out of your patch. ..the fact they have already called purplebricks because ‘they dont charge commission’ doesnt matter.

      1. Wassup04

        Think about what you have just written. They count people not on the market as a valuation lead? Really !! Do they not have a house to sell? Are they not the prime audience?

  3. Curious george

    who actually gets these leads, as we certainly don’t! 300,0000 vendor leads to agents sent to 100 agents each, equates to 30,000  unique enquiries in my books! Out of that, how many of these are just house price enquiries. Honestly does anyone actually get valuations and instructions directly from zoopla (and rightmove to be fair) ?

    1. Gloslet

      Perhaps I’m having my own Dianne Abbott moment but isn’t 300,000 divided by 100 = 3,000 ? 🙂

      1. FlyingSheep54

        When they send each enquiry to 6 different agents it’s easier to see how they come to such a high number. The vast majority of leads they have sent me this year are people who thought they were getting an online valuation and have no intention of inviting an agent round.

  4. Jrsteeve

    How many weren’t actual time wasters though? Most don’t even own the property, usually tenants trying to find out what it’s worth.


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