Yopa wins award for top online agent – with Purplebricks nowhere to be seen

Yopa has won best online agent in the annual allAgents awards.

Not surprisingly, given the earlier spat between the two, Purplebricks does not feature in the allAgents list of online winners.

Purplebricks had threatened allAgents with legal action, saying that some of the negative reviews were fake and that others could not be checked for authenticity.

allAgents initially withdrew all the reviews, but then reinstated them.

As of yesterday, the allAgents site shows a total of 143 reviews for Purplebricks. Almost all – 133 – are one-star. There are six five-star ratings, and two apiece for two and three star ratings. https://www.allagents.co.uk/purplebricks/

So far, only allAgents online/hybrid awards have been announced – exclusively today in EYE.

We plan to carry the remaining results, covering high street agents, again exclusively, on Monday.

The awards are based on the number and average score in reviews that allAgents receives between September 1 and August 31 each year.

Only agents achieving an average of four or five stars are considered for a gold, silver or bronze award.

In Yopa’s case, it received a total of 585 reviews, of which 560 were five star, 11 were four star, one was two star and 13 were one star.

In second place behind Yopa is a business many may not have heard of, Signature by Mark Small.

This is a north-east agent “with a hybrid approach” also scoring highly on allAgents: with 718 reviews, 683 are five star, with 31 giving a four star rating, one a three star rating, and three the lowest possible one star.

Emoov scored a significant number of reviews, at 1,922. Of these most – 1,774 – are five-star, but still not enough to get it to first place under the seemingly complicated allAgents formula.

A spokesperson for allAgents said: “All our reviews are in the public domain for all to see and more importantly they have not come from any third party review websites so we have confidence in the validity of these reviews.”

Commenting on the award, Yopa CEO Ben Poyner said: “We’re delighted to have received this year’s allAgents award for best online estate agent, particularly because it is based on the feedback of our customers.

“We put our customers at the heart of everything we do and this award is a testament to all the hard work put in by our agents and staff across the business. Thank you to our customers for this show of support and to the tireless efforts of the team here at Yopa.

“We are committed to continually improve the home selling experience for our customers, giving them more insight and control over the process, and at the same time charging a fairer fee.”

The top five allAgents online firms are:

GOLD: Yopa (529 reviews)

SILVER: Signature by Mark Small (437)

BRONZE: Springbok Properties (352)

4. McEwan Fraser Legal (177)

5. Emoov (109)


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  1. Shaun77

    Does this mean that Emoov will now have to remove “voted best online agent” from all of their marketing, including their TV ads?

    It’s not been a good week for RQ…

  2. GeorgeOrwell

    I remain utterly mystified why Henry Mulholland and his company All Agents are credible on any level

    It’s akin to a Burger Van in a lay-by posting some sort of “results/awards” on “Best Place to Eat”

    It’s laughable – All Agents?

    An orange sitting in the middle of an empty/locked room has more to offer



    1. ARC

      “An orange sitting in the middle of an empty/locked room”
      Isn’t that EasyProperty?  

      1. Shaun77


        1. ARC

          Thank you

    2. YouDontSay

      “An orange sitting in the middle of an empty/locked room”

      Hey GeorgeOrwell  bit of a chuckle but I think it was fortunate that 1984 was a success for you man because it sounds like  your metaphor writing is more Eric Cantona than big brother and as for that room, I think secretly you  have to keep checking to see if it  is actually empty and you don’t count the presence of past critiques you keep locked away (Mobile phones, Internet, Rightmove) .

  3. MM

    Congratulations to YOPA on winning this coveted award.
    The full results will be live for all to see on Monday (15th)
    However for clarity the online & Hybrid Awards were won with the following numbers of reviews posted in the 12 month window for the 2018 title.
    GOLD:  Yopa (529 reviews)
    SILVER:  Signature by Mark Small (437 reviews)
    BRONZE:  Springbok Properties (352 reviews)
    4. McEwan Fraser Legal  (177 reviews)
    5. Emoov (109 reviews)
    Come back to PIE on Monday to see if your company has been selected.
    Martin McKenzie

  4. Property Paddy

    I am shocked !

    Purple ripple didn’t get a look in.

    Remind me again what happened.

    Do tell.


  5. Property Poke In The Eye

    All agents website is a load of b******s anyway.  Fake reviews etc.


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