Yopa publishes YouTube video giving five reasons why it’s different to other agents — but what happened to it?

Yopa last week released a new video on its YouTube channel offering five reasons why it is different to other estate agents.

The video entitled “So you’ve chosen a Yopa home valuation? Five reasons we’re different”, appeared on January 12.

It featured Yopa’s agents extolling the virtues of the firm’s personal service, the ‘For Sale’ board it provides and the price of its fixed fees (£839 including VAT, or £1,399 in some London postcodes).

It also mentioned the personalised control centre it offers via the YopaHub, its average score on its TrustPilot reviews, and the “seriously quick” pace at which it claims sellers with Yopa take to find a buyer (29 days on average).

By yesterday morning, the video had amassed 32 views.

EYE contacted Yopa and asked if it felt the reasons it gave truly made it different to other estate agents.

It said: “We will be sending this video to customers who have already chosen to have a valuation with Yopa, as a reminder of why we think we’re a bit different to other agents. We’re confident that our customers will be able to make up their own minds about the reasons that make Yopa different.”

But then the video disappeared from YouTube.

EYE went back to ask Yopa about the video’s sudden removal and a spokesperson said: “As mentioned, this video will be sent to customers who have already chosen to have a valuation with Yopa.”

Was it something we said?


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  1. Wevegotbuyers39

    Fun Fact!


    YOPA is actually a shortened version of “You hope a”

    Examples below:

    “YOPA buyer will see it on rightmove and give you a good price.”

    “YOPA good estate agent is in the chain to hold it together”

    Have a nice day.



  2. Ted58

    By yesterday morning, the video had amassed 32 views.

    Lol I don’t think the term amassed really reflects 32 views 🙂 My FB Video of me shanking a 7 iron out of bounds generated 300 🙂

    1. AgencyInsider

      You an American by any chance Ted58?

  3. Ted58

    Nope born in sunny Oldham 🙂

    1. AgencyInsider

      Lovely place Oldham. Just thought you might be a Yank – as they don’t do irony 🙂

      1. htsnom79

        7irony 🙂


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