World Kindness Day – and here’s how one agent marked it

How did you celebrate World Kindness Day?

Online agent emoov marked it with an offer to tell a friend about it, tweeting: “and we’ll give you £100 worth of Amazon vouchers. Spread the word: emoov is here to help your loved ones love their home.”

This clearly gave people an unconditional warm glow – the 70 or so people who seem to have spread the word included agency trainer Julian O’Dell who tweeted: “I told ten friends . . . . Do you need my bank details to transfer the £1,000 or do you send me a cheque?”

And yesterday evening someone called James tweeted: “Hi guys! I’ve just told my 525 followers about you. when can I expect to receive my £52,000 in vouchers please?”

We suspect Julian and James may have to wait a little while for their money, as  subsequent tweets from emoov thanked people for spreading the word, but added an important T & C.

It said that the reward would be sent out once “your friend” has been an emoov customer for at least 14 days.

World Kindness Day, on November 13, is dedicated to making the world a better place.

But emoov’s kindness didn’t end there: on Saturday’s televised Barbarians vs Fiji rugby match, a hamper was on offer to anyone taking a picture of the emoov advert.

That could be a lot of hampers? Apparently not.

Emoov has now said it will let people know next week who the lucky winner is.

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One Comment

  1. PeeBee

     “…subsequent tweets from emoov thanked people for spreading the word, but added an important T & C.”

    Those “subsequent tweets” were posted yesterday – coinciding with Julian and James asking for their vouchers – the original MISLEADING adverts were posted on the 12th and 13th.

    Over 80 people responded to those Tweets.  I wonder how many will make very justifiable complaints to ASA…

    …where, some may think, there is a permanent place reserved for emoov.


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