Why are the majority of estate agents not very good salespeople?

This week’s Agents MVMT podcast ‘Pass the Syrup’, presented by Ben Madden, features Scott Gunn of eXp, Matt Baldock of Charles David Casson, Alex Pelosi-Buchanan of eXp.

The guests give their views on whether estate agents are actually salespeople anymore, why standards might be dropping, and the somewhat increasingly popular opinion, that being a salesperson is a bad thing.

In this week’s social hand grenade, the guests discuss excuses versus progress and why it’s time to take responsibility. The you can’t make it up segment, provides a number of au natural encounters. Waffle of the week features the dreaded LinkedIn sales spam, and as always, Sam Offley of Agents Together, and Chirs Watkins make an appearance.


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  1. Woodentop

    Estate Agency over the last decade had started to evolve into low fees and working from the bedroom, contributing to having an effect on professional standards. Insufficient rewards, doing it on the cheap and out of sight. Add in the mix of on-line disruptors, hired and fired and little to no training.

    The traditional model of estate agency was and still is in the high street and in the main worked for decades. There was always going to be some who could not cope with sales techniques and I’ve even seen some that when you tried to enlighten them, dug deep into their trenches of …….. “I’ll do it my way”. They didn’t last, seen so many agents come and go for that very reason.

    It rests with the business owners to set standards, often by example, team building and support. A happy team are a productive team and training is essential. Never ask someone to do a job they cannot do but sales also is done by a natural talent, able to think on their feet, charismas that can adapt and connect with different customers, pride in their appearance and often prepared to go that extra mile. You can’t train that, you either have it or you don’t …… its called personal character.

  2. jan-byers

    EA is not a sales job any more
    In the 80’s I was an area manager for a large company
    All my guys were on the phone all the time
    They would all go out door knocking in the evenings
    On Thursday we would get the paper – see what houses were on the market – make a list – go and knock
    Has the electoral roll to ring
    My biggest office had 2 guys canvassing full time
    I imagaine les than 1% of agents now would have the gumption or determination to do that
    They wait for the phone to ring for a val – if they get it it goes on the net and they sit back and wait for e mail
    Just have look next time you pass an agents and se how many are on the phone
    I guarantee almost all will be tapping on a computer
    It has become an admin job

    1. The Sussex Idler

      I’m not sure the listers out there would agree.

  3. jan-byers

    The fact that in a property market which is shot negs stay in it shows theor lack of abilty to sell.
    In the past when the markjet was bad I elft the buisness and sold 40+ seat coaches, cars , computers very sucessfull
    That is because I am a sales person I can sell
    I know 2 people who will earn over 70K this year selling cars
    Very few negs will do that
    EA is a low paid job therese days

    1. The Sussex Idler

      You might want to run that through a spell check.


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