Who died here? New website reveals details about deaths in homes on market

A new property website has launched in the US – with a morbid difference.

DiedInHouse provides information as to whether anyone has died in a property that someone might be thinking of buying or renting.

Its $11.99 reports (about £8) give the date of the death, its cause and information about the deceased.

The site says: In most states, a death in a home, no matter how it occurred, is not considered a “material fact” and it’s not required to be disclosed.

“A murder could have occurred days ago and the seller does not have to let you know.

“A death in a home, especially a violent death, can decrease the home’s value by 25% and increase its times to sell by up to 50% longer than comparable homes.

“Would you want to know that a murder, suicide or even a bizarre death occurred at the property before you sign the contract?”

All right, we know we have CPRs in this country where agents would have to disclose, for example, murders.

We’re not sure agents would have to disclose cases where someone has simply died in their own beds.

But the new American site says that people “may not want to live in a house where someone has died, no matter how they have died”.

And of course, there is another side to it: “If you do not mind either way, a stigmatised home can be a bargain and the information can be used as leverage to negotiate a reduced price.”

What’s the betting that something very similar won’t launch over here – amidst a blaze of proptech publicity and a hugely successful crowdfunding pitch that goes way over target?



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  1. Gump

    We have Victorian houses in abundance in my town, it’s very likely that someone in the last 100 or so years has died in them, i’m not sure I would want to know who and how to be honest.



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