What is actually happening in the UK property market?

Chris Watkin

What is really happening in the UK housing? What is happening to the number of properties listed, sold, sale fall throughs, price reductions?

The video below features some very interesting data, along with the thoughts of housing commentator Chris Watkin, who simply loves stats. 

Watch now:



Property industry insight – the stats don’t lie



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  1. frostieclaret87

    Send this link to Lisa Nandy as apparently “housing isn’t a market”!!

  2. grantlance

    Can Chris explain why the % of Price Changes in 2016 was so low? Lack of data perhaps?

    1. Chris Watkin

           Not Sure Grant – the average weekly price reduction was low every week in Q1 2016 at 2913 per week. Tried to look at the economy and coudk not see any reason. Thank you for asking 


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