What are tenants asking Google?

Boiler Plan has uncovered the most common questions private-renters are asking Google during the lockdown.

In April the most common questions were:

‘Can landlords increase rent’ – 3,200 Google searches

‘Can landlord evict me’ – 1,880 Google searches

‘Responsibilities as a tenant’ – 1,600 Google searches

‘Can letting agents charge fees’ – 760 Google searches

‘Can landlord keep deposit’ – 550 Google searches

‘What are tenancy fees’ – 250 Google searches

‘Can you paint a rented house’ – 220 Google searches

‘Does landlord have to fix boiler’ – 130 Google searches

‘What is landlord responsible to repair’ – 110 Google searches

Given that there are about 4.5 million renters in the UK this does not represent a high proportion of in-the-dark tenants but the results do point to rent increases and evictions being of some concern.

You can read the full Boiler Plan blog here.


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