Well-known estate agency scaling back business due to ‘tough market’

Mishon Mackay is having to scale back the number of people it employs due to “tough market” conditions.

Managing director, Alex Mackay, told EYE that several members of staff have left the firm in recent weeks, as the estate agency is forced to “change” the way they operate, and adapt to the current economic environment. But he rejects speculation that redundancies have been made across the business.

Mackay insists that the staff members left by their own accord, or because their trial period with the firm proved unsuccessful.

“It is a tough market with fewer sales taking place,” said Mackay. “There are simply not many people moving [home].”

Mishon Mackay, one of Brighton, Hove and Mid Sussex’s highest profile estate agent, has seven offices that span the city and reach out to and beyond the South Downs. The company also has a presence in London.

But while the offices in Brighton, Hove, Preston Road, Brighton, Hurstpierpoint, Rottingdean continue to operate as normal, albeit with fewer negotiators, two branches, Kemp Town, along with Portslade & West Hove, will now operate as “satellite offices”, with no members of staff, as the company is forced to balance staffing needs with its budget, according to Mackay.



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  1. Isa B Agent

    Here is the first of an avalanche of redundancies that are bound to happen this year and next year. It will not be limited to estate agency.

    Higher wages = fewer employees when times get tougher.

  2. HIT MAN

    Many Agents will chose Rightmove before Staff. Sad case of the tail wagging the dog.


    1. jan-byers

      They have for years

      EA used to be a selling job

      Now it is a low skill low paid admin job

      1. Ric

        Not true in all companies jan-byers.

        Some very talented skilled people in the industry who guide clients carefully and considerately through the moving process.

        I am also not sure it has ever been a selling job; but more of a facilitating job… perhaps the listers sell the company to a potential vendor, but the team members tend to help, advise, suggest, guide and communicate.

        No doubt a sharp answer on the way… and what do I know. (Other than my team and many I know in other companies are highly skilled and paid a wage they are happy with. Or they could leave!)

        1. jan-byers

          I disagree Ric.

          I think that is the problem. It is not a sales job for many people, but a soft option.

          When I was an agent in Reading in the 80s it was totally a selling job.

          The guys in the sale team were on the phone, persuading people off the mailing list to view a house, door knocking going to the library to look at the electoral roll and phone directory to call vendors on the market with other agents.

          I had guys working for me who were 17-22 years of age who were earning 25-30k a year in the early 80’s. Many agents do not earn that much now.

          Also had fully expended cars with a petrol card.

          Used to meet the other agents in town in a pub in the town centre of a Friday evening and swap stories

          Loved it – was was great fun.

          These days many agents wait for the phone to ring and process Rightmove enquiries.

          That is a low skilled admin job in my view.

          That said I deal with some agents who are what I would call “old school” so I do not think all agents are the same.

          Can low paid agents leave?

          To do what?


        2. jan-byers

          I read recently that the average wage for an estate agent in England is around 30k.

          I do not think that is a good salary.

          If your guys are earning a lot more than that fair play.


  3. simonwilkinson73

    I suspect this is happening in may places, not least as transaction numbers fall. We have had the feast, now for the famine and the wise agents will have substantial cash reserves. But it might not be long as the Economy recovers and sentiment becomes more positive.

  4. scruffy

    Good luck with the satellite branches. Trying to persuade RM that these are not branches with staff in them is an uphill struggle, so keen are they to preserve its income stream.


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