We seek him here, we seek him there – who is writing the new estate agency blog?

We seek him here, we seek him there . . . so just who is the writer of a new daily estate agency blog?

Ostensibly about preparing for the great Do it for Dom challenge (an ever-growing group estate agents raising money for research into Huntingdon’s Disease and who will be doing a mammoth charity paddle this summer), the blog actually gives something of the industry’s inside track.

And we don’t mean the inside training track.

But who has written it?

The obvious culprit is Simon Whale, but apparently not. A few other contenders have also ruled themselves out.

The author gives us no clues – but does give out some handy PR advice: “My tips for handling the media calling to ask if you are the deranged mastermind behind a much needed satirical blog about the inner workings of our industry, can be summed up as: ‘Stay shtum and deny everything.’

“When Property Industry Eye call, tell them you will only talk to Estate Agent Today.

“When Estate Agent Today call, tell them you have already spoken to Property Industry Eye.

“Don’t worry, when the time comes for me to out myself properly, I will make sure to do it Russell Quirk style in a carpool karaoke interview where I blame everyone and anyone else for catastrophic failure, whilst my employees frantically refresh their CVs on LinkedIn.

“A PR disaster perfectly timed to deliver the last nails in my coffin, and if I really had balls, I would use the opportunity to set up my own PR agency after that. You literally could not make it up.”

Whatever can it all mean?

Day 16 DIFD training – The Scarlet Pimpernel

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  1. Bless You

    May The Lord be with him

  2. Whaley

    Certainly not me. Even with his blatant infringement of my Kerfuffle logo i’m Honoured to know Batmans day to day identity serving people Steak Bakes in Greggs only 24 hr shop.

    1. Paul Morgan

      The Whale doth protest too much

  3. Cyberpunk35

    Seems like a worthy endeavour. The world needs more superheroes.


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