Wake up and smell the coffee! A good way for agents to use local papers?

We enjoy some of these local newspaper editorial interviews with agents – and here is one of the best we’ve seen.

It features Gavin Juniper, who runs an estate agency with a difference, Housepresso in Kentish Town, London.

As well as selling homes, Juniper is also a bit of a barista and styles his business a property café.

But, in Eye’s opinion, the real reason why this interview is interesting is that it comes over as proper journalism, presenting both the personal side of an estate agent and effortlessly stresses his deeply-ingrained local knowledge.

What more would an agent want to communicate? It’s certainly much more valuable than all those articles which are variations on the same theme of “There has never been a better time to sell”.

It would be interesting to see how many local newspapers offer this kind of editorial facility to agents on their patch – and it is certainly something that the Ham & High does well.

If your paper doesn’t – well, why not suggest it? The majority of local papers are, after all, being kept alive by estate agents.

Meanwhile, perhaps the message is: when it comes to promoting your business in the best possible light, wake up and smell the coffee!

The Ham & High’s report is here

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  1. clarky46

    Our local paper, Ely News, offers a ‘Blogspot’ on a rotation basis to advertising agents. Some of us write generally but others tend towards a more corporate self promo line. Know what I’d rather read!

  2. NewsBoy

    A very good idea if you can make it work without it being a self promoting advertorial. To be seen as and expert in your field really does help though.

  3. wilko

    All very nice, but we have got to be kidding ourselves if we really believe that the public will be interested in actually reading this type of advertorial at all.


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