Updated Covid-19 guidance for landlords and tenants

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s has updated its guidance document setting out general advice and information predominantly for tenants and landlords in the private and social rented sector. 

The guidance covers issues which may arise during the Covid-19 outbreak including what to do if a tenant is struggling with paying rent, advice around carrying out emergency repairs, and information on property viewings and moves within rented accommodation.

The guidance, which everybody is being urged to abide by, applies to England only. Some of the measures referred to also apply in Wales.

See guidance for WalesScotland and Northern Ireland.

You can read the updated guidance for England by clicking here.


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One Comment

  1. paulgbar666

    Seriously does any sensible LL take a blind bit of notice of these stupid regulations!?   Had I taken any notice of previous strictures I would now be bankrupt and homeless.   Consequently I will continue to ignore any regulations that prevent me from operating my properties. I have moved occupants in and out. Assisted occupants to move in and checked occupants out. I have ignored and will continue to ignore anything that prevents me from managing my properties. If I did abide by them Govt would not resource me for my losses which by ignoring regulations I have been able to prevent. Govt doesn’t care a jot for me and I care not a jot for them and their stupid regulations. Neither I nor my new or old occupants have ever suffered CV19 as we have all adopted safe practises but certainly it did NOT prevent business as usual for me.   I care nothing for what anyone thinks of what I do.   I do as I do for personal financial survival and will continue to do so as much as is required.   Fortunately most things are now sorted with nearly full occupancy and full rents having been achieved.   Had I not acted as I have there would be empty unsaleable properties with me being homeless. So I’ll carry on ignoring Govt regulations to manage my business while of course taking all sensible precautions to mitigate CV19.      


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