Up in smoke – stress takes its toll on estate agents

A new study carried out to uncover the correlation between workplace stress and smoking has found that estate agents and those working in the property sector are the most prolific smokers in the UK.

The research, carried out by online retailer Haypp, reveals that more than half – 55% – of those surveyed admitting to smoking every day – a significant increase from the national average of one in eight smokers.

Stress, anxiety, and general irritation have been identified as the three main factors that stop people from kicking the habit

The 10 most addicted professions, whose workers admit to smoking on a daily basis, are:

Estate Agents & property 55%

Builders & construction 48%

Social Care 47%

Hospitality 44%

Management 44%

Sales 42%

Retail 40%

Environment 39%

Tourism 38%

Leisure 36%

Looking at their reasons for smoking, the UK workforce listed stress (60%), anxiety (43%), and being annoyed or irritated (33%), as the three main factors that influence how much they smoke.

Interestingly, five of the top ten causes of smoking were work related with 25% smoking to release tension, 24% smoking after a hard day at work, 22% smoking to go on a break, 21% smoking when they’re under pressure, and an additional 21% smoke more often when they are dealing with an increased workload.

Three-quarters (75%) of the surveyed smokers working in law enforcement also admitted they smoke more when they’re under pressure, compared to the national average of 21%.

Some 6% of those surveyed believe smoking has helped them to get ahead in their career.

Markus Lindblad, from Haypp, said: “The UK government has made great strides in reducing smoking but it’s clear that more can be done. The research clearly shows a connection between workplace stress and smoking, so employers now have a role to play when it comes to reducing smoking rates.”


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