Transactions down as annual house price growth slows

Transactions took a dive, the latest data shows.

According to the ONS and Land Registry, sales in October – the most recent month for which there are statistics – fell in England to 66,599, compared with 77,047 the previous October.

Sales were also down in Wales, from 4,471 to 3,911, but static in Scotland at just over 9,000.

In Northern Ireland, sales in the last quarter of last year fell to 5,736 compared with 6,784.

The ONS also reports that in December, the average UK price was £230,776, up 2.5% over the year, and 0.2% measured monthly.

It is the lowest rate of annual house price growth since July 2013.

The ONS also reported on lettings, saying that private rents rose by 1% between January last year and last month.

In England, rent prices increased 1.1%. Excluding London, they were up 1.5%.


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  1. Richard Rawlings

    As ever these figures are at least EIGHT MONTHS out of date if you track it back to when the sales were arranged. (ie October figures reported form September completions, from August exchanges from June sales arranged). From what I’m hearing, from my agency clients all over the country, everyone has been pleasantly surprised at how buoyantly this year has started, with some reporting record sales! Weird considering the political climate, but hey, let’s milk it while it lasts! Have a great day.


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