Tonight’s the night – peak time that potential buyers are viewing property listings

Tonight’s the night for peak home hunting: Rightmove has identified 8:48pm on Wednesday as the peak minute for viewing property listings.

And why not? There’s not a lot on TV unless you like Corrie and party political broadcasts (although you could watch them at the same time – it’s what Rightmove call a trend for dual-screening).

According to Rightmove’s data, there are more people on the portal at 8.48pm on a Wednesday than at any other minute of the week.

However while Wednesday nights are particularly busy, so are other evenings: potential buyers have apparently shifted their property browsing habits from searching Rightmove at work during lunch breaks to home in the evenings.

Rightmove browsing now peaks at between 8-9pm each day.

Miles Shipside, property expert at Rightmove, said: “A few years back the busiest time of day was lunchtime but as mobile usage increased this has changed to property lovers visiting us every evening.”

The portal says it is usually quietest in December until Boxing Day when viewing activity becomes hotter than reheated turkey.

Last Christmas, page views increased by 231% between Christmas Day and January 2, and the busiest day was Sunday December 30, Rightmove said. This year, Christmas Day is on a Wednesday  – we suspect most Rightmove users will manage to stay off the portal until the following day.


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  1. GPL


    Yeah, lets have a cuppa & browse RM. We’re not buying but instead of having a biscuit with our cuppa we just like to dream about “what if?”.


    Oh, put that tablet/phone down! Corrie’s back on!!



  2. Property Pundit

    Since 99.5% of their traffic does not ultimately lead to a transaction, surfing times are irrelevant.

    1. fx-361

      99.5% is far too generous…  132m page views a month for 45,000 sales (6:10 of 75K for all portals from the story) means 99.97%  of page views are a waste of time.  (The figure’s worse than that; there’s 3 portals not just the 1)



      1. Property Pundit

        A great analogy once told to me was comparing Rightmove traffic to vehicles on a busy motorway. Imagine your business is based in the services where only 0.03% (using your figure) of vehicles turn off. Would probably be a tough fight to stay in business.

      2. brokerofexcellence

        Are you therefore saying 99.97% of people actively searching for property are complete timewasters? I’d argue that the stock listed on RM is only applicable to a certain percentage of buyers. If I am looking for a 2 bed house for £200k I may look at a listing for £220k in a similar area which has been over priced to get it on……


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