Tomorrow (Friday 13) likely to prove very unlucky for property completions

Tomorrow, Friday 13, is likely to see a pause in property transactions as nervy buyers and sellers wait for the dread day to pass.

Activity drops away whenever there is a Friday 13.

Typically, there are 5,733 completions on such a date, down 39% from the usual Friday workload of 9,394 that has been seen in recent years.

Andy Sommerville, director of search firm Search Acumen which crunched the data, said: “Friday 13 has been referred to by some as the unluckiest date of the year, and these figures seem to suggest the property market isn’t immune to superstition disrupting normal routines.

“With the challenge of finalising paperwork on time and safely transferring life-changing sums of money, buyers with a superstitious nature might be forgiven for feeling that it’s tempting fate to schedule their completion on this notorious date.”

EYE wonders if next month’s Halloween might have a similarly spooked effect. Isn’t something else due to be happening?


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  1. mattfaizey

    How hard would it have been to provide the background to this, debunk the myth and give a decent read? Go looking at the antics of a French King in the 13th Century. P.s as a mover, we’re fully booked tomorrow.  Reason, we have been informing people how daft the superstition is, where it came from and why it now means it’s a great day to go on.
    And if EYE ‘wonders about Halloween…… EYE should really know that it falls in the last school holiday (and prime commission point) before Christmas and there as a period is absolutely rammed with completions.
    A little lacking in information there EYE…..?

  2. NotAdoctor32

    You can’t win with stupid people.


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