Three agents agree to take down or amend adverts after complaints to watchdog

Three agents have removed or amended advertisements after complaints to the watchdog.

Emoov was challenged over a poster which concerned fees, but excluded property inside the M25.

The complainant challenged whether the qualification was sufficiently clear. Emoov removed the advert.

Choices Estate Agents was the subject of complaint after a listing appeared for a property with permission for an office, workshop and garage.

The complainant said the local authority had not granted permission, and Choices took down the listing.

Harrisons Property London was the subject of a complaint over how it displayed its fees.

After the Advertising Standards Authority drew the complaint to Harrisons’ notice, the agent gave an assurance that it would amend its listings so that all non-optional fees which cannot be calculated in advance are provided on the landing page via a clear link, with an explanation as to how the fees were calculated.

As all three complaints were informally resolved, there will be no further action.


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  1. ArthurHouse02

    Just to confirm, my company can advertise what ever rubbish i want to, tell whatever mistruth i fancy to mislead the public and gain me business and the worst i have to worry about is removing said advert when the ASA rozzers get on the blower!

    1. Ric

      Indeed and if they treat you any differently to just telling you to “take it down” you will have a very fair case for them discriminating against you for whatever reason they chose not to just slap you on the wrist in the same way.

      All of these “authorities” are making it laughable and simply showing those with the loudest mouths (deepest pockets) can go shouting false claims on TV knowing the damage is already done.

      I wonder if all of the misleading adverts could be used to make a valid claim that High Street Agents have suffered at the hands of such advertising and the lack of support from the ASA.

      ASA in my opinion should make the companies display an alternative advert fixed for 6 months stating “LEGAL NOTICE – FORMAL WARNING GIVEN – WE HAVE MISLEAD YOU etc etc” and be made to explain. In the advert… They should be allowed to simply amend the message, they should be made to admit the crime.


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