Thirteen million up – floorplans take less than 15 years to become a ‘must’

The 13-millionth floorplan has been drawn on the Metropix system.

It was produced by Michael Poole estate agents in Middlesbrough on a new three-bedroom instruction.

The latest milestone has come in just under 15 years.

In 2005, when Metropix was launched, floorplans were by no means a routine part of property details.

On average, says the firm which is part of Daily Mail firm Landmark, over 3,000 floorplans are now produced every day.

All 13m floorplans are archived, with subscribers able to access them.

Metropix was founded by Brian Farrell, who sold it to DGMT and has since gone on to found Acaboom, a tool aimed at helping agents convert valuations into instructions.

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